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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Nicola Sturgeon’s Puigdemont Moment

The UK, overall, voted to Leave the EU in the 2016 referendum. The problem for the Government in Westminster is that neither Scotland, nor indeed Northern Ireland, echoed that view, with both voting to Remain. Moreover, Scotland’s most popular political party, and the one currently in power in Holyrood, with a large majority of Westminster MPs, is the SNP, which is both pro-Remain and indeed pro independence.
Nicola Sturgeon

So it was no surprise when one of the first requests to land on the desk of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson after his election victory last month was from the First Minister of Scotland, wanting another referendum on independence. Nicola Sturgeon has made no secret of her objective: for Scotland to become a completely independent country, and ultimately to rejoin the EU as its own member state.

Bozo’s first tactic in dealing with this potentially serious problem was to do nothing, and this he did for almost four weeks, before today telling Ms Sturgeon where she should put her request. telling her “I cannot agree to any request for a transfer of power that would lead to further independence referendums”. And there was more.

You and your predecessor made a personal promise that the 2014 independence referendum was a 'once in a generation' vote. The people of Scotland voted decisively on that promise to keep our United Kingdom together, a result which both the Scottish and UK Governments committed to respect in the Edinburgh Agreement … The UK Government will continue to uphold the democratic decision of the Scottish people and the promise that you made to them”. Which, freely translated, means No.

No account is taken of the 2016 EU referendum result, which as Bozo knows full well is a prime mover behind Ms Sturgeon’s request. So what say she? “Tories are terrified of Scotland’s right to choose - because they know that when given the choice we’ll choose independence. Tories have no positive case for the union - so all they can do is attempt to deny democracy. It will not stand”. The SNP will decide before the end of the month.
Carlos Puigdemont

And although she has “ruled out holding an unofficial referendum similar to the one in Catalonia two years ago”, the predicament in which she now finds herself is not unlike that facing Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont at that time. He wanted a referendum on Catalan independence from Spain; the Government in Madrid would not give him one.

So he went ahead anyway. His problem was that the Madrid Government is amenable, and has been in Catalonia and elsewhere in Spain, to giving autonomy to the regions, especially when it comes to local languages. But that same Government is not, and probably never will be, amenable to any move that breaks up the Kingdom of Spain.

Hence Puigdemont is now living in exile in Belgium, fearing arrest should be cross the border from France into Spain. So Nicola Sturgeon has to ask herself one question: does she feel lucky? Lucky enough to call Bozo’s bluff and take the step which many Scots already believe she should take. How would Westminster react to Scottish UDI?

Yes, the 2014 referendum was a “Once in a generation” vote. Until England and Wales decided to leave the EU. The facts have changed, and so Bozo should change his opinion. He won’t do so voluntarily. So now has come Nicola Sturgeon’s Puigdemont moment.
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Darren G said...

It is hilarious watching all the quiters now. All the arguments they used for the UK to leave the EU apply equally for Scotland to leave the UK.

They switch is amazing.

I have also seen the quiters go with the, "but 55% of people in Scotland voted for non SNP parties", but when it is pointed out that 55% of people did not vote for the Tories but for non brexit parties then this argument must be dismissed and told to accept the result as a resounding success for the shitstorm that is brexit. So if the tories get in on a flawed FPTP electoral system, then by the same logic, the Scots have voted in a massive Pro Independence government

Anonymous said...

You've also missed the obvious Tim, which is that Bozo has the brassiest of necks if he is claiming the keeping promises to be sacrosanct, even the amount that he has broken and will continue to break

Anonymous said...

It will be a terribly sad day if Scotland leaves the Union. But if that's what the Scots TRULY want - and it's not some desperate mere nationalism* - then they must have it. It would be entirely understandable given the appalling wilful neglect of Scotland by the tories, New Labour and LibDems. Would that England outside a tiny corner of its south east could show the same unity and determination - without which we will never see the end of "left behind" lying bullshit.

But it's not right to equate Scotland with Catalonia, thougn, yes, there are vague similarities. There are profound historical and constitutional differences.

*Nothing good ever came from visceral nationalism. For examples, see the 20th century.

Lewis said...

Just want to point out that there was no "once in a generation" promise from Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP, that's a misrepresentation of Alec Salmond's personal opinion in an interview that the referendum was a "once in a generation opportunity".

grim northerner said...

The 'switch' is hypocrisy and double standards, and completely predicable.

Rivo said...

In the short term at least, Johnson has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by spurning calls for a Scottish Referendum. There can never be enough SNP MPs to force his hand in parliament, but refusing to allow them to hold a second referendum means they can keep a strong grip on Scotland and deny Labour and the Lib Dems much needed seats, thus empowering the Conservative party in England.