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Friday 10 January 2020

Murdoch Climate Denial Called Out

The shameless climate change denialism promoted by the Murdoch mafiosi shows no sign of abating, and as a result those of independent mind in the media - and yes, there are still some of those in positions of influence - have begun the process of calling it out. The most visible evidence of pushback has come from the New York Times - small wonder Rupe hates the title - and the New Daily in his native Australia.
This image (c) The New York Times 2020

And it is the latter that has echoed the NYT - as well as those pesky things called facts. “The idea that ‘greenies’ or environmentalists would oppose measures to prevent fires from ravaging homes and lives is simply false. But the [idea] reflects a narrative that’s been promoted for months by conservative Australian media outlets, especially the influential newspapers and television stations owned by Rupert Murdoch” it tells.
There is more. “And it’s far from the only Murdoch-fueled claim making the rounds. His standard-bearing national newspaper, The Australian, has also repeatedly argued that this year’s fires are no worse than those of the past - not true, scientists say, noting that 12 million acres have burned so far, with 2019 alone scorching more of New South Wales than the previous 15 years combined”. Falsehood and misinformation. And more.
And on Wednesday, Murdoch’s News Corp, the largest media company in Australia, was found to be part of another wave of misinformation. An independent study found online bots and trolls exaggerating the role of arson in the fires, at the same time that an article in The Australian making similar assertions became the most popular offering on the newspaper’s website”. Why this is being done is not hard to ascertain.
It’s all part of what critics see as a relentless effort led by the powerful media outlet to do what it has also done in the United States and Britain - shift blame to the left, protect conservative leaders and divert attention from climate change”. Make that inept conservative leaders: Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, and the terminally clueless Scott Morrison.
The NYT reaches a similar conclusion, telling “Critics in Australia are increasingly connecting Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. to the spread of misinformation and the government’s lackluster response to the devastating fires”. Observers are in turn sounding the alarm: “The Murdoch approach suddenly looks dangerous”. There is more.
If you had to pick one person who has been the largest menace in the modern world, spreading hate and disinformation that has disastrous results everywhere he goes, Rupert Murdoch … would top the list”. Friends of the Earth has concluded “Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is the largest media company in Australia - and it's spreading disinformation about the fires that are devastating the continent”. And one onlooker has a grim warning.
Australia is the epicentre right now of a multi-billion dollar orchestrated campaign by the mining industry &  big media to stop this country’s fire emergency advancing the case for rational preventative action against civilisation-ending climate change. That is a fact”.

Murdoch and his empire have bought uncritically into climate change denial. The truly grotesque aspect of this is that the rest of us have to live with the consequences.
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Anonymous said...

Murdoch and his goons in more lying.

It's what they do.

David said...

Not for nothing did Dennis Potter name his cancer Rupert.

Sam said...

Most of my pals are right wing. They now loathe Scott Morrison over his ineptitude in dealing with climate change and the fires. I have a real feeling that this is a turning point - the News Corpse attempt to downplay the fires with arsonists etc is back-firing. Even those on the right can see that Murdoch and his mining pal billionaires like Gina Rinehart have been playing us for mugs. Watch how this plays out.

Golan Heights said...

Of course he does.