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Friday 31 January 2020

Hopkins Twitter Ban - Blame Game

So pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins got suspended from Twitter. But, as her account is still extant, there seems a strong possibility that she will be back. And some out there on the right are taking this very badly. There are so many of them exhibiting the tendency to free dissenting speech that the blame game has now started - as in the blame game that asserts, more or less, that somehow the protests are down to the Rotten Lefties™.
Right-wingers going after her ...
... but her pal says it's actually the left!

The blowback against Countdown numbers person Rachel Riley for her involvement in the suspension of Hatey Katie has made two totally untrue assertions: One, that the suspension is all about FREEZE PEACH, which it isn’t - it’s a business decision by Twitter. And Two, that Ms Hopkins somehow was leading some kind of righteous fight against the Scary Muslims™. This is also untrue - she was just dispensing hate speech.
Here’s some of the responses. “I wish you’d be this effusive about real Pakistani grooming gangs preying on young girls in Britain” (“Member of Conservative and Unionist Party”). “Well thank you for deciding, on behalf of all of us, who we are allowed to listen to and who we are not allowed to listen to” (“Former journalist”). And here comes David Vance.
Alastair Stewart leaves Twitter because someone took offence at a tweet he sent to someone else quoting Shakespeare … Katie Hopkins suspended because Rachel Riley doesn't like what she says. And it's still January … I wonder if #RachelRiley can provide an approved list of twitter topics we can discuss; which subjects are unacceptable; who we must not engage with? That would be very helpful”. Vance is a far right wacko.
Or how about “Who the fck does she think she is ?? Little miss perfect always the victim Rachel Riley strikes again” (Another Brexit booster). And “Apparently Rachel Riley doesn’t believe in free speech. You’re a tv presenter ffs who thinks a little too highly of herself. Don’t like it, keep scrolling. Simple” (“American. Patriot. Brexit. Back Boris”).
Then there’s “This is pro-censorship Rachel. If you don't like what a person says, then debate against it. Don't silence them altogether … This is the weakest approach, it's like admitting you can't argue against them so you have to silence them” (Mark Meechan aka Count Dankula, pal of Stephen Yaxley Lennon). And “I think Rachel Riley's gone too far in getting Hopkins banned” (Another “pro-Brexit” voice).
Plus “I was with her all the way until now. Turns out she is another virtual signalling celebrity” (“WE MUST GET OUT OF THE EU”). And “Who next? There must be other people you disagree with. Simply stating something you disagree with can be considered hate if you deem it so. So, where does it end? When you say it ends? I don't remember appointing you my conscience” (“Leave supporter, proud to be English”).
That’s a pretty right-wing crowd. But admitting that would never do. You think I jest? Here comes Tracy Ann Oberman. “Watching the Far Left have a twitter meltdown over KatieHopkins twitter ban at the hands of EVIL Rachel Riley and those of us who have helped Twitter assess these matters , is quite a thing. The irrationality and double think plus the outright LIES”. Forget what you saw and look over there!

Katie Hopkins is out there on the far right. So it is those out there who are screaming the loudest. But remember, ignorance is strength, and right is left. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Andy McDonald said...

And as ever, *nobody has a right to a Twitter account*. If you want to listen to, or read, Hopkins, there is nothing stopping you. You just have to find another way to engage.

Mark said...

TAO is an idiot. I wonder what colour the sky on her planet is?

Anonymous said...

Actually, she can be extant, stand on her head, fart in a bottle, whistle Dixie, and she'll still be a flea brained untalented far right racist shitehawk with serious psychological problems.

In which case, fuck her and all who sail in her. All the way to the bankruptcy court.

All as my personal opinion of course.

Get worse soon, Katie, you utter decomposing sack of shit.

James said...

Freedom of speech is one thing; but this is somebody who has previously called for a 'final solution' regarding muslims. Katie Hopkins is a dangerous racist scumbag who has got away with a lot of crap because of her middle class background. If Katie had come from a working class background, PREVENT and social services would have been interviewing her children and taken them into care years ago! . How would the fuckwit gammon react if somebody had acted on Katie's bigotry in order to impress her ? She is hazardous to human life.