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Friday 31 January 2020

Brexit - The New Guilty Men And Women

As Bloomberg has pointed out, recent research indicates that Brexit has already cost the economy around £130 billion, with another £70 billion hit to come by the end of the year. Yet there are still those who look to celebrate when the UK formally leaves the EU at around 2300 hours tonight (we even have to keep to Brussels time, such is our moment of national triumph). And many of those celebrating work in and around the press.
What they're telling us ...

To that end, many of those who will go down in infamy as the New Guilty Men and Women have gathered together to reassure Themselves Personally Now that they did the right thing, that all is well, and that they will continue to be able to keep themselves in the style, or in some cases lack of it, to which they have become accustomed.

We know of the gathering, at Brown’s Hotel in swanky Mayfair, through the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines, whose Media Guido Twitter feed has carried images from the great event, “THE BREXIT BATTALION (Media Corps) DINNER”. And then come the names, every one of which you would not want to get stuck in a lift with.
... versus what they really think

So who attended? James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, still taking the shilling of far-right Breitbart, and still claiming climate change isn’t happening. Suzanne Evans, Tory-to-Kipper flipper and pusher of falsehood and misinformation. Charlotte Gill, already irredeemably wacko pundit. Liam Halligan, whose HS2 hit job was lame in the extreme, but not as lame as his excuses deployed in its defence.
Julia Hartley Dooda, rich enough not to care about the 99%, and so she does not. Desperate Dan Hodges, floor crosser of no known principle. Christopher “No” Hope, who thinks he is better than the Fawkes rabble (wrong). Rod Liddle (no further comment required). Carole Malone, really in touch with ordinary people.

Charles Moore, the supreme keeper of What Mrs T Really Meant (allegedly). Tim Montgomerie, now a fan of Viktor Orbán. Doug Murray The K. Isabel Oakeshott and Richard Tice, a couple who are really not very nice. Tony Parsons, who claimed migrants stopped him driving his daughter to school a bit quicker.
Three A’s you would avoid like the Coronavirus: Allison Pearson of the Telegraph, Andrew Pierce (speaking as a gay man), and Amanda Bloody Platell. Camilla Tominey, promoted way beyond her capability. And then the Pièce de Résistance.

The loathsome Toby Young, not really a fan of eugenics conferences, honestly, and mass deleter of a Twitter history of which most other people would have been ashamed. The Great Guido himself, able to still live in an EU member state while pushing Brexit, and his former tame gofer, the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, still pretending to be a real journalist. Thus were the new guilty men and women gathered together.
Don’t expect them to show any sign of penance at the £200 billion bill, the decline in living standards, the effect on jobs, the loss of international status, any erosion of workers’ rights, the loss of freedom of movement, and the realisation that we’ve been had.

But do remember their names. Remember them well. They have sold you down the river. 
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Ceebs said...

That handwritten Harry Cole at the end, does look like he wasn't actually invited, but got hold of a coppy of the invite and pencilled himself in to leak

Arnold said...

Attacks on foreigners went up the day after the referendum. I hate to think what it will be like tomorrow when there is no sign of the sunny uplands and unicorns.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, we will all wake up to the newly independent state of Gammonstan.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing needs investigating. And it will. To include conspirators, met police and other forces and the whole ' unsaid' around the referendum and Brexit.

Some of the independent 'ahem' investigators to be investigated too.
Thy will be done because the officials (the ones who give a shit) can't afford the consequences of not doing so.

Tick tick.

grim northerner said...

A few pricks in my home town are reverting to the old fash apparel, green bomber jacket plus union flag pin badge, a look I have not seen for over twenty years.

Unknown said...

Only saw this list today 10th February. My blood boiled with each name I read. However, a wonderful opportunity lost, all those eggs in one basket.