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Saturday 25 January 2020

Question Time Labour Plant WASN’T

Sometimes the opposition rides to your rescue. It has come galloping in the wake of one young man’s intervention on last Thursday’s edition of BBC Question Time: accusations that a Labour plant had been infiltrated into the audience turned out to be completely false. Worse for those out on the right, the point he made had resonated, and strongly.
Here’s some of what he said. “The difference here in the UK to somewhere like France is that over here … people presume that if you don’t have Parliamentary … power, you can’t have a significant political impact … but … if you look at France, you’ve got people from all different economic backgrounds … who are pulling together and actually saying No”.
There was more. “They are … getting results. They’ve got concessions from Macron on … pension reforms, and that is … the type of power that scares Boris Johnson … that scared Thatcher in 1990 when she tried to introduce the Poll Tax, and this … pseudo-culture war that is now being laundered by the mainstream press across the country … is dividing and pitting people against each other so we don’t … communally come together”.
Fiona Bruce, for once, did not attempt to interrupt. And he wasn’t finished. “And start to say No, and fight for our communities … cos everybody here in this country, unless you’re incredibly rich, is now worse off as a result of 10 years of Tory austerity. So regardless of who wins the election, people need to come together now and start resisting”.
The young man concerned owned up on Twitter. “I absolutely hate Question Time. Tonight is a boring one. But I advocate resistance against the government towards the end. So if it makes the cut feel free to tune in and watch me rant”. To the loathsome Toby Young, who later deleted his riposte, he had this to say: “This self-serving moron thinks I was a plant. I literally pretended to be a Tory in every stage of the application process”.
And he made this further point: “Our hospitals, schools, fire services, social care, local authorities, children’s services are now crippled. This affects us all.cI’d rather they were all fully funded than 20 quid a week extra in my pocket”. He may not be alone in this. Moreover, awakening the masses to what is happening in France may worry the right. Because there, the Government is showing signs of losing control completely.
Those responding to the surprise appearance of a Question Time audience member demonstrating independent thought made another point, as with “Last year I applied twice. Once as myself, a Labour Party member. Once as a fake, Brexit supporting rabid Tory. Guess which one they called asking to come on the show and which one they ignored”.
Another said something that might worry both Beeb and Government: “Been watching France and wondering why we are all so supine in the UK. I believe we will soon need to show collective strength”. One Tweeter combined both points, responding “The fact you had to pose as a Tory to get there is shocking but sadly not surprising. We all need to collectively wake up & start saying no before it's too late”.
As to the intervention of the loathsome Tobes, well: “If Toby Young gives you any grief, just ask him why he is in Jeffrey Epstein's black book”. He is? Well, well.

Exposing QT’s audience selection policy and frightening the right. Well done that man.
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grim northerner said...

I stopped tuning in to radio 4 after they gave Toby a slot to promote 'progressive eugenics'. One of his charming ideas was the donating of 'intelligent middle class sperm' to the 'less intelligent working classes'. I realised that the Beeb is still very much Mr chumley warner with an egalitarian facade for the process.

Anonymous said...

"Any Questions" on Radio 4 is far superior to this bilge.

Anonymous said...

That's a lesson the gutless New Labour rump might learn......

Meanwhile, well done that man. Bruce had a face like a smacked arse as the truth got shoved down her throat.

Well done the French too. If only Britain could organise such a prolonged and intensified era of outright civil disobedience we might finally rid ourselves of four decades of rotten-to-the-core far right gangsterism.

Naturally it would have to be done in the face of corporate media weasels. But so what? A good and beneficial chorus of, "Fuck you!" Would be a good place to start.

Nigel Stapley said...

Interesting to note that whilst the Boris Booster Club is axing one effective and award-winning investigative programme (Victoria Darbyshire's) and imposing slashbacks on Today, Newsnight and The World At One (which all still have their occasional moments of clarity and worth), no suggestion has been made to do anything about this festering festival of fœtid gammon.

(I recommend this multiply-topical cartoon by Chris Cairns, by the way:)


grim northerner said...


Arnold said...

Yet from today's Borisgraph.

"The BBC is panicking at the public’s rejection of its arrogant Left-liberal worldview"

If the BBC is panicking it's because of the lack of gratitude for making Bozo look good before the election.

Anonymous said...

Will Toady - sorry, Today, go back to being a two-hour programme then? It should do.

Andy McDonald said...

QT, since the expenses scandal, has given up any pretence of being an informative programme. It's a televised venting session, "tell this lot what you think of them" and not much more.