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Sunday 5 January 2020

Iran Crisis - Where’s Bozo?

Last week, US forces, via a targeted drone strike, killed Iranian military commander General Qasem Soleimani, along with others, as he left Baghdad Airport by car. As the BBC has reported, “Soleimani was the mastermind behind the country's activities across in the Middle East, and its real foreign minister when it came to matters of war and peace”. Combover Crybaby Donald Trump claimed sole credit for the action.
As the UK allegedly enjoys a “special relationship” with the USA, how much notice did Bozo The Clown have of the drone strike? Well, none at all, actually. Nor, it seems, did anyone else, including every EU member state, Saudi Arabia, and, yes, Israel. What we have here is a wayward US President willing to put the UK’s interests in harm’s way without even consulting us first. That’s not good enough.
Donald, where's yer hairspray?

So where is the PM, and when is he going to get tough with his pal Don? And that is where we see just how committed Bozo is to the job, because on Friday, and indeed on Saturday, he wasn’t. He’s not here today, either, a situation that Londoners will know all too well, as he declined to interrupt his holiday in Canada (which was meant to help patch up his marriage) to return and deal with the aftermath of rioting in the capital back in 2011.
The propaganda ain't making it

Small wonder there has been a level of adverse comment that will not be assuaged by the propaganda offering made by today’s Mail on Sunday, which reassuringly announces “BORIS JETS IN TO FACE IRAN CRISIS”. The reality, as Rukmini Callimachi has told (see here thread HERE), is that her US sources say “the evidence suggesting there was to be an imminent attack on American targets [why Soleimani was killed] is ‘razor thin’”.
Trump had nothing to back up his decision to take out the Iranian General. He has no plan as to how he closes out the potential trouble it may cause. But even though Bozo may be as useful as the proverbial chocolate fireguard, he should at least be showing some leadership - by actually being here in the UK. He isn’t. Hence the derision.
The Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr mockingly asked “The Sun Speaks: Where is our People’s Prime Minister? Where is his carry-on baggage?” A day later she added “I was pissing about but is Mustique Man still awol? Seriously?”. He was still AWOL. She was not impressed. “Has he *still* not turned up? Jesus. It’s sort of fascinating. Why go to all that effort of backstabbing everybody you’ve ever met & betraying any political belief you’ve ever had to get a job you can’t even be bothered to turn up for?
Otto English was not surprised. Bozo refusing to recall Parliament? “Get used to this Britain. Nothing comes before Boris and his holidays. This isn't Johnson refusing to recall parliament... it's Johnson refusing to come back from his holiday”. Quite.
BBC presenter showing no trace of bias whatsoever
And while Andrew Neil sneered at Jeremy Corbyn urging restraint and de-escalation with “But not the belligerent actions and rhetoric coming from Iran?” (well, he had to take the opposite stance to Ms Cadwalladr), Paul Bernal brought the bad news for the UK: “Boris Johnson might as well stay on holiday. The UK is pretty much irrelevant now (and will be even less relevant after Brexit), he’s pretty much irrelevant and will do whatever the Orange Baby asks him anyway, so he might as well be sunning himself in Mustique”.

Bozo might be irrelevant on the world stage. But he should be doing it here. And now.
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Anonymous said...

I'd be quite happy for Johnson to stay on holiday, permanently if possible: but then that would leave the real zealots like Raab and Patel running the show.

Anonymous said...

Britain is irrelevant in the matter. So is Bozo.

The US knows full well the poodles will yap a bit then go back in the kennels.

Bo Jo said...

Another domestic with the missus I'm afraid!

I'm in the laptop repair shop!