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Thursday 14 November 2019

Tories’ Dodgy Crewe Leaflet BUSTED

With Crewe and Nantwich high on the list of Tory targets in next month’s General Election - Labour’s Laura Smith won by just 48 votes in 2017, and after two recounts - the thought should have occurred to The Blue Team to put forward a serious challenger. Instead, they have selected Kieran Mullan, who claims to be a local candidate.
Kieran Mullan. A local. Allegedly

The problem he has is that he has been a local candidate twice before, both times in Parliamentary constituencies that were rather a long way from Crewe and Nantwich. In 2015, he stood for the Tories in Birmingham Hodge Hill, garnering just 11.5% of the vote, well behind Labour winner Liam Byrne’s 68.4%. Two years later, he was the local candidate for Wolverhampton South East, coming a distant second to Pat McFadden.
Of course they are. Cos they're mainly other Tories

So perhaps it’s understandable that Mullan is not as well known in Crewe and Nantwich as his Labour opponent. But that does not forgive the blatantly fraudulent election leaflet he has put out, claiming endorsements from a series of supposedly ordinary locals, who just happen to be Tories. Not that any of them are telling you. So I will.
Take Christine Farrell, who is backing Mullan “To Champion Our Community”. She told “Kieran was more than happy to roll up his sleeves and help the Food Festival”. And Laura Smith made me a cuppa yesterday afternoon. So what? Well, what Mullan’s leaflet isn’t telling is that this is not just theChairman ad Director of Nantwich Food Festival”. It is former Tory Councillor Christine Farrell. And former Tory Mayor of Nantwich.
How about an endorsement from someone wanting “To Invest In Our NHS”? That’s Philip Staley, described as “Former patient at Leighton Hospital”. Yeah, right. There are tens of thousands of those across the constituency. He should more accurately be described as Councillor Philip Staley, who represents the South Ward on Nantwich Town Council. Where he sits as a Conservative. Another cod endorsement. And there is more.
Sean Houlston, described as a “University Student”, wants “To Protect Our Environment”. He speaks “as a Geography student”. He is full of gushing praise for Mullan. And so he should be: he is a Parish Councillor. A Tory Parish Councillor. He contested Leighton Ward in the last Cheshire East Council elections (he lost). He has Bozo The Clown as his Twitter header photo. A Twitter feed full of Tory PR and talking points. Next.
John Dwyer, described as “Former Assistant Chief Constable”, advocates “For More Police On Our Streets”. What is not told is that Dwyer was Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner from 2012 to 2016, overseeing cuts in Police numbers. He was defeated by David Keane. Who represents the Labour Party. Dwyer represents … the Tory Party. He, too, was a borough councillor in Nantwich. Another cod Tory endorsement.
If Kieran Mullan really was a popular local candidate, he would have had no trouble securing endorsements from across the community. But as he’s a serial carpetbagger, he’s had to fall back on passing off his fellow Tories as disinterested locals. Which they are not.

Are the Tories serious about contesting Crewe and Nantwich? It doesn’t look that way.
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Anonymous said...

If Mullan really wants "...to help the Food Festival..." he'd denounce the tory policies which have led directly to a rocketing desperate need for food banks across the country.

He won't of course because, like all tories, he couldn't give a shit about anything other than his own cold, worthless hide. Which means I hope the voters give him a good democratic shoeing at the election.

Mind you, he could always seek the endorsement of yellow tory Swinson. After all, she helped support said far right policies.

He can also adopt the tory policy of always blaming the victim. It's what tories and their gutless media do.

Richard said...

Can't imagine the Tories have seriously targeted C & N by parachuting in an unknown serial loser Tory by Numbers candidate. Bizarre. Maybe this is an admission they've lost their base to a confused message. Even more puzzling though when it's a big leave constituency that owed a lot to tactical voting in 2017 and the votes are there to be won.

I've heard he's an A & E doctor. Does he actually work at Leighton?

Anonymous said...

The boy Mullan certainly looks "local"......if you concentrate on the ears

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if this doctor has practiced as a medic locally. I’m told he is chief executive officer with an organisation called ValueYou. They are based in the south of England and he founded the company in January 2014. So I’m not sure how local he is.

Anonymous said...

The tories tried everything - including their usual lies - to prevent founding of the NHS. Since then they've done all they can to undermine the principle of universal free healthcare at the point of use. This includes deliberate underfunding, salami-slicing of services to profiteering spiv companies and propaganda attacks from their monopoly media. Their like-minded pals in New Labour and the LibDems were and are just as culpable.

It's a horrifying thought that an NHS worker at any level can even think of voting for that sociopathic profiteering lying mindset. But it's an indication of just how far right this country has been dragged.

We know full well what the tories and their pals will do if they are ever allowed to get a completely free run of their corrupt ways. The last forty years are stuffed with examples of it. This election is the last chance Britain will have to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

This information needs to be fully utilized in order to cause maximum embarrassment.

MgS said...

I would encourage all to take a look at the kinds of dirty tricks the Canadian Conservatives (CPC) have used in elections starting in 2006. They are sharing playbook material with conservative parties around the world through the IDU.

Eyes open. Examining elections in other countries can forewarn you about the kinds of dirty tricks about to be played at home.

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Pickering possibly the same person as Sarah Marion Pickering who failed to be elected as a Tory councillor earlier this year?

Unknown said...

Fraud. Vote Laura Smith back in.