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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Brexit Party - Lawyers Called In

While the BBC goes ahead with a Question Time special featuring Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage next week, telling viewers “First of our #bbcqt leader election specials with [Nigel Farage] of {The Brexit Party] is being recorded in Peterborough, next Monday 18th Nov. Apply here to join the audience”, it is entirely possible that there might not be a great deal of that party left by then.
Squeaky £300k alleged con finger up the bum time

That is, apart from the limited company and its directors, namely Farage, and his litigious and vain chairman Richard Tice. Also, Farage, uniquely among party leaders, will not be standing in next month’s General Election. He’s just pulled more than half of his party’s candidates out of the contest. Yet the Beeb still gives him a platform.
This was not lost on one unhappy Labour voter, who responded to the news of the QT special with “He's not standing; his PPCs are probably getting legal advice to sue him; there probably won't be a Brexit Party by the end of the week! But why is he, yet again, being given special privileges by the BBC? I swear you'd have had Hitler on QT!
And on the legal front, the Tweeter known as Brexit Essex was in no mood for papering over the cracks in the Farage Falange Fringe façade: “We are taking legal advice on the matter so cannot comment too much at this stage. What we will say however is there are many across the UK who have invested in the Brexit Party PLC and demands answers and refunds. Fast”. They paid over their money. Nige took it. And now it’s gone.
So while one response to that news was “So the charlatan Führage cheated you? Who would have ever thought the fraud would do that?” and another added “Did you not read the small print? Your ‘party’ is a corporate entity led by a leader for life, what legal advice do you think you’ll get? Buyer beware - but hey, you still think Brexit will be good for the UK so there you go”, someone was Doing The Math on what looked like a total con.
It's Brexit Party Ltd, a company with Farage and Tice as directors. No members, no votes, no manifesto. Farage has already said none of the 3000 PPC's will get their money back. Good luck with the legal advice”. Which meant what? “So... Farage took £100 from 3,000 people who became members of the Brexit Party Ltd. He then in effect, disbanded the Brexit Party Ltd today or handed it over to Johnson, and this is legal? He's just made £300k in the last 5 months!” Well, he didn’t disband it. But he did keep the money.
Former prosecutor Nazir Afzal knew what that looked like. “How many other Brexit Party Ltd candidates, promised a campaign have lost thousands like this guy … They paid to be considered, selected & contracted I presume … Should seek legal advice on claiming their losses from Farage & Co … Hallmarks of a pyramid scheme … All legal of course”.
All legal. So Brexit Essex, and all those others who have paid over their money, only to see Farage leave them high and dry, may have no redress. That gave Shaun Lawson when might be termed a Hamilton v Fayed moment: “Imagine a legal case between Nigel Farage and hundreds of hacked off Brexit Party candidates. Can't they all lose?

Still going ahead with that Question Time special, BBC people? Still going ahead if Farage pulls a load more of his candidates? Going to ask him about this con? No, thought not.
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Andy McDonald said...

Less a pyramid scheme, more an upturned drawing pin.

Anonymous said...

3,000 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PCCs)?

Is the Wayne Bailey Twitter account legit? I've read elsewhere that although there is a Brexit Party member by that name, the Twitter account isn't his.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Falange to do a bunch in the Scrubs.

In the same cell as Mohammed Sweet Pants.

That would loosen his bowels.