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Monday 4 November 2019

Farage Sparks Tory Panic

Last week, there was talk of the Brexit Party, the latest political vehicle for the advancement of Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, standing down most of its candidates for the upcoming General Election, except for 40 or so who would be fighting Leave-supporting Labour constituencies. Then came Farage’s assured performance before the host’s inquisition on The Andy Marr Show™ yesterday.
Mr Thirsty declared that the deal negotiated on behalf of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was not really Brexit.  Farage thus maintained his fantasy Brexit promotion: he’s not in power, he doesn’t have to take the hit when it all fouls up, so whatever is negotiated he can just dismiss as inauthentic, whatever it is.

As a result of his analysis, Farage concluded that the Brexit Party would stand candidates in around 600 seats, including against Steve Baker and Mark François (note cedilla under the c). And despite claims that this would hurt Labour the most, a panic has gripped the Tories and their press establishment pals. Oh what a giveaway!

So it was that this morning the increasingly desperate, downmarket and for sale Telegraph told readers “Farage ‘could ruin UK’s hope of Brexit’ … Tory Eurosceptics accuse Brexit Party leader of setting out to create a hung Parliament”. The article talks of “The irony of Nigel” and warns him that “he risks being the man who threw away Brexit”.

The Tel’s is not the only newsroom in a state of blind panic. Over at the Murdoch Sun, today’s editorial went after Farage, telling readersNigel Farage should swallow his pride and think again about his election stance - he’s risking Brexit itself”, going on to froth “NIGEL Farage’s election stance looks increasingly untenable … He knows his Brexit Party is unlikely to win any seats in the General Election”. And there is more.
He says he remains determined to field 600 candidates across the country … He knows the very real danger is that those candidates could take votes away from the Conservatives in Leave-supporting constituencies, opening the door to No. 10 for Jeremy Corbyn … The irony of the Brexit Party helping to kill Brexit is not lost on Farage’s previous Leave allies”. His Marr Show performance is called “tetchy” - another giveaway.

The problem for the Murdoch goons is that Mr Thirsty was anything but tetchy. That’s one reason they pressed the panic button. The Brexit Party standing against Leave-backing Tories is not in their script. They want those candidates stood down, hence the intervention from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog.

There, The Great Guido tells readersBrexit Party Candidate Defects, Backs Tory MP” and  goes on “The Brexit Party candidate for Dudley South, Paul Brothwood, has quit the party and endorsed the local Conservative MP Mike Wood. The ex-UKIP councillor says he fears votes for the Brexit Party could help to elect a Labour-Lib Dem government”.

Then comes the smear and warning. “Since Nigel Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats nationally Brexit Party support as polled by YouGov has fallen from 13% to 7%”. Baloney. No published poll can have taken in his Marr Show appearance.

But good to know the Tories are frit. And that they’re stupid enough to tell everyone.
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Anonymous said...

There is possible electoral glory in this.

The more they attack Jeremy Corbyn, the more they keep him in the public eye...and the more comically absurd their personal attacks look. Which increases Labour's chances.

I'd say Dumb Cummings must be tearing his hair out...if the far right dickhead had any.

Oh irony! Oh rich comedy!

Bob said...

Not convinced that Farage will go through with his threat to stand widespread candidates. There will be bribes and pressure coming his way. Plus he knows that standing 600 candidates empties his Brexit Party bank balance.

Anonymous said...

Wetherspoons full of brexiters helps the Tory lead go down
In an extra-ordinary way

Anonymous said...

"“Since Nigel Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats nationally Brexit Party support as polled by YouGov has fallen from 13% to 7%”. Baloney. No published poll can have taken in his Marr Show appearance."

But it doesn't say since Farage's Andrew Marr appearance. It says since Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats, which was last week. The Guido piece doesn't even mention Andrew Marr.

The poll was published here https://twitter.com/YouGov/status/1190934966294712322

Ted Bangor said...

I'm sure if "someone" were to offer our Nige a peerage or a Sir, then he'd happily back away - for the good of the country. Obviously.

dementeddad said...

It's certainly cheered me up today.

David said...

Plenty of roubles available to keep the bank balance topped up.

Anonymous said...

Rather more US dollars than roubles if Trump's phone call to Farage is anything to go by.