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Thursday 14 November 2019

Rachel Riley Endorses Anti-Semite

Celebrity endorsements can be a tricky business, and they should never, but never, be doled out on a whim, especially if the individual benefiting is not known to the Sleb. This most basic consideration has escaped Countdown numbers person Rachel Riley, and her pal Tracy Ann Oberman, as they see an enemy of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and mistakenly deduce that he must be their friend. Because he isn’t.
Rachel Riley

As the BBC later reported, the heckler was “Rev Richard Cameron, the minister at Scotstoun Parish Church in Glasgow”, adding “It later emerged that Rev Cameron had made Islamophobic and homophobic comments on his Twitter account”. The Twitter account, where he styles himself “Pastor Richard” and uses the handle @thebiblestrue, has also indulged in other practices which indicate bigotry on his part.
No matter: Ms Riley picked up on the incident, and was away and running.”This Scottish church minister asking the question I wish reporters would ask *every* time they speak to him … IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah, he’s supported them all”. Quite apart from this not being true (minor point, eh?), she missed the anti-Semitism. Yes, he went there, too.
So it was that “Pastor Richard” told his followers of “The shocking truth that Zionists stole Arab babies to build the new nation of Israel”. Was this an isolated incident? Sadly, it was not. There was also this gem: “But the 'anti-semitic' card is over-played these days - mostly by Zionists”. Yeah, this anti-Semitism is a bit overblown, innit? And there was more.
Admonishing a Tweeter of whose opinions he disapproved, “Pastor Richard” told his opponent “you are very ignorant. You just spout Zionist propaganda”. He does like to over-use the Z-Word, doesn’t he? And for those who are Zionists, well, he doesn’t think very highly of them. “Someone needs to do a study on IQ and Zionism. The bigger the Zionist the lower the IQ. Zionism is bad for your brain”. Subtle he isn’t.
This was not an isolated slip of the Twitter tongue, as another of his pearls of wisdom shows: “Further proof that the average IQ of a Zionist is just below that of your average sheep”. Moreover, to his accusation of stupidity, he was always ready to add one of hypocrisy: “haha a Zionist calling someone else a hypocrite? Hilarious”. Another unpleasant outburst, another one missed by Ms Riley and her pals.
Could it get worse? It certainly could. After he was asked if someone could be Jewish and Atheist at the same time, “Pastor Richard” responded “Perhaps only if you are a Zionist. They don't believe in God's justice for all, but they like the real estate deal”. And at the utterance of the word “Palestine” he was away once more. “Zionists going off at the deep end because Pope Francis uttered these 4 troubling words: 'The State of Palestine.’
Do Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman support all of that? Probably not. The problem is that neither of them was looking before either Tweeting or endorsing. And the result of this lapse is that both end up looking even less credible than they did previously.

Rachel Riley’s Jezza bashing campaign is imploding. No outside assistance is necessary.
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Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me about religious loony god-botherers.

Of ANY religion.

Andy McDonald said...

Further proof that anyone who bangs on about IQ scores isn't very bright.

Sam said...

The media reports about this nutcase only mention his homophobic posts. Not one single mention of his appaling antisentic garbage. All he needed was Frances Barber to jump in and re-wteet him & the trifecta would be complete.

Anonymous said...

The main problem with people who can't recognise the value of a substantial I Q score and also the erroneous mindless connection of opinion to personality, is, eg. Hitler said the VW was a good car so if I do too, I must be a nazi also, says more about the mindless bigot than it does about their victim!! Like a suggestion?... Grow a brain! Cheers, Ockervango.