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Sunday 3 November 2019

Bozo Russia Report Cover-Up BUSTED

What is already known about alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is that he was, while Foreign Secretary, not passed to see some sensitive information. It seems Bozo The Clown may be considered a potential security risk. Then there is the problem of his chief polecat Dominic Cummings, and Dom’s former Vote Leave colleague Matthew Elliott, whose Russian connections have attracted some suspicion.
Evening all

Added to this, a report has just been compiled on potential Russian interference in UK elections. This may have happened; it may not. But there seems no reason not to let the redacted version of the report be published. Not, that is, if Bozo, Dom and Matt have nothing to hide. Which brings us to the non-publication of the report. A report which has gone to 10 Downing Street, where its progress has mysteriously stalled.

Enter Dominic Grieve, who last week, as Chair of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, raised a point of order in the House on the subject of the now stalled report. He has now been interviewed by Sky News on the subject. His claims are worrying.
Dominic Grieve

My committee … is cross party, non partisan … given access to highly classified information … there to scrutinise the work of the security services … we have prepared a report on Russia. A very wide report, it covers espionage, actions against our close partners, subversion, a wide range of topics. We had that report ready, redacted, we’d agreed what could be published with the agencies and the Cabinet Office”.

And then? “The final stage on the 17th of October was to send that report to the Prime Minister for what ought to be the formality of signing it off. The protocol says it should take ten days to do, and at the end of the ten days it has still not been signed off, which is why I raised a point of order in the House of Commons, because if it cannot be published by Tuesday, it will not be published until April or May of next year”. Then came an interruption.
10 Downing Street, the Sky presenter claimed, said that the sign-off process “normally takes six weeks”. What say Grieve to that? “What No 10 has said is completely and totally untrue. It’s a lie. I really get worried about this. The process of getting this report cleared is finished. The last stage, clearance by the Prime Minister, is programmed for ten days”.

There was more. “The suggestion that six weeks are needed is just astonishing. I really begin to worry about what the No 10 spokesmen are saying nowadays. They’re going out with things which are quite simply whopping untruths”. Which sounds very much as if Polecat Dom, a congenital liar to match Bozo, is the source of that claim.
From there, one has to ask why Cummings, and perhaps Elliott and Bozo, want to stall the publication of that report. If there are credible accusations of interference by Russian state actors, let’s see them and see how they stand up. Likewise claims of interference by other foreign states in UK affairs - and especially elections.

For the report to be stalled, and a pack of lies advanced to excuse the stalling, merely compounds the suspicion that one or more of Dom, Matt and Bozo may not come out of publication smelling of roses. It could, of course, be leaked next week. Just a thought.
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Unknown said...

"Which sounds very much as if Polecat Dom, a congenital liar to match Bozo, is the source of that claim"

Yeah, if you ignore the fact that Government spokesmen have been telling lies long before he came along and are happy to blame it on Cummings with zero evidence.

Anonymous said...

Why in the name of a bright shiney fuck would the Russkis want to interfere while the tories and Trump are making a horse's arse out of everything. Leave them to it.

Never interrupt an idiot while he's making an even bigger cunt of himself. Like Mueller in front of the Congressional committee.

I'm still waiting for evidence of this alleged "interference". Bullshit propaganda and empty assertions don't count - as an embarassing Mueller discovered. If actual evidence exists, everybody throw the sanctions book at them. Until then it all smacks of the Gulf of Tonkin "Incident", Iran-Contra and Watergate.

Anonymous said...

Read about the Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra and Watergate in Pravda did you?

Sam said...

I guess it hasn't occurred to Anon at 19.32 that the very fact Trump & Johnson are such disasters yet are in power is itself an end game for Putin and a step forward in the next 100 years belonging to Russia. It's just sad how so many in the West underestimate Russian's brilliant and effective manipulations that often make Western spy agencies look like amateurs.

Anonymous said...

@ 21:58 - Didn't have to. All of them are now a matter of public record, though concealed at the time. Independent researchers eventually exposed them all. You might try it some time.

@ 10:54 - And your EVIDENCE for such is......?.....If the need for EVIDENCE has occurred to you. You know, like it somehow evaded the massive state-aided "intelligence assets" of Mueller's mighty FBI and the loonies at the CIA. Also, you might rerun Mueller's absurd appearance in front of the Congressional committee too, but I doubt that suits your bizarre and completely unsubstantiated opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you should always read old copies of Pravda as they're much better than pieces from "Independent researchers"*
* Conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

@ 13:32.

See Tim Fenton's blog post at 16:12.

This obviously makes him a "conspiracy theorist" - though doubtless ANYBODY who exposes your empty-headed, evidence-free far right paranoid propaganda is called such.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how Tim's article about the findings of the Scottish Charity Regulator makes him a conspiracy theorist.

So, you think that all comments titled 'Anonymous said...' that aren't yours come from one person and that he/she is an "empty-headed, evidence-free far right paranoid propaganda" peddler.

Anonymous said...

To 21:19.

You are confused. See the first sentence at 17:55.

Glad to help.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster at 12:30
21:19 is a response to 17:55 mentioning Tim's article of 16:12. What's confusing?
The really weird comments are 19:32, 11:21 and 17:55 rubbishing Mueller and then accusing somebody else of being right wing.

Anonymous said...

@ 14:00.

Here's what even the BBC reported on Mueller's "performance":

There are plenty more......Want the links? Read Mueller's report - it's full of unsubstantiated generalised allegations, nothing more.

AntiRussian propaganda has reached ludicrous proportions useful only to the far right and willing gullible mugs and other useful idiots. There isn't one scrap of actual EVIDENCE of Russian government "interference". It's precisely the same garbage peddled by Joe McCarthy.

Johnson, Trump and Farage are all cut from the same far right cloth and spivvery. All the Russians have to do is leave them to their own bullshit and lies, sit back and laugh.

Anonymous said...

You've got a lot to learn if you think that Putin's Russia is some kind of non-aligned spectator that's sitting back and waiting for neo-liberals to fail.

Anonymous said...

@ 09:49.

Sadly, you have even more to learn if you think Putin and co need to do anything to help neo-"liberalism" fail.

It's failing everywhere. But at a terrible cost in human lives. Just as forecast decades ago. Even two of its main propagandists Friedman and Greenspan admitted it. You could ask Friedman but he croaked shortly after admitting his "system" didn't work, especially in South America where it was given a free run.

Not that any of this will mean anything to you. Not when you so badly need a bogeyman.