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Sunday 24 November 2019

Bozo And A Question Time Earpiece

While many who watched the BBC Question Time leaders’ special last Friday complain about the subsequent editing of a clip to put alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in a more favourable light. Out went the ridicule at Bozo’s talk of trust, and in came applause. There may have been a good reason for the edit, but it was yet another brick out of the wall of public confidence. That, though, was not the latest issue.
Someone had noticed something far more insidious, and it was not the fault of the Beeb: was Bozo wearing an earpiece? There was something there in his right ear, something metallic looking, a faint shining effect. Viewers were curious, then suspicious. Frame by frame, the Question Time footage was examined. And it did seem that unless Bozo is already so hard of hearing to need a hearing aid, he had what looked like an earpiece.
Will Black was certain enough of his ground to call Bozo out, musing “If #EarGate isn't trending by the time #Marr is on then something is badly wrong” and bringing forth some clearer evidence: “To those whose phones (or eyes) weren't up to seeing Boris Johnson's 'concealed' earpiece in the other photos I tweeted, it is easier to see in this one”.
Sadly, the event has not yet been picked up by The Andy Marr Show™, but the news is spreading rapidly elsewhere. Cathy Higgins asked Bozo, James Cleverly and the Tories’ press office “Please Help Me Out...Is that an earpiece in PM Johnson's ear? Please clarify … I've downloaded the whole show..watched it frame by frame … still wish you'd clarify”.
She should know that she won’t get a reply - unless it isn’t an earpiece. Matt Buck, meanwhile, wanted to give Bozo the benefit of the doubt. “Might it just be an earpiece for the studio sound system? I can imagine it would be tricky to hear an audience member from onstage”. But why so discreet? Why only Bozo attracting attention?
What was not open to question was the derision that Black’s revelation precipitated. “if Boris Johnson had an earpiece it didn't help him much” observed one Tweeter, and correctly: Bozo’s appearance had not gone well for him. Paul Usher responded to the man himself with “Even with wearing an earpiece last night, you were still incredibly shit”.
One Tweeter had moved on to the subject of who might have been whispering in the Prime Ministerial ear. “So Boris, who was talking to you in your right ear through the covert earpiece you were wearing?” Another concluded “I reckon he had Cummings shouting, ‘GET BREXIT DONE’ (sic) down his earpiece every 5 seconds. Johnson was ridiculous”.
And while others were complaining to the BBC, and even directly to Ofcom, about the suspicious editing of the Bozo Trust Answer clip, Suzy Williams decided to add an item to hers: “Phoned my complaint also mentioning Boris Johnson's earpiece and complained online”. Editgate may soon be overtaken by Earpiecegate.

And if it was an earpiece, it tells you all you need to know about the Tories.
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Anonymous said...

Well, it wouldn't be the first time the BBC edited recordings and footage in favour of far right loonies.

Ask the miners.

Anonymous said...

If it was audio equipment, all guests would wear one?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, paranoiacs but it's most likely an IEM - an In-Ear Monitor to feed him programme sound. Very common in television.

Anonymous said...

@ 15:58.

Not sorry to burst your bubble, but even if it was an IEM that doesn't explain why the BBC produced yet another fraud edit. Or why no other participant seemed to have an IEM.

Then again that wasn't the purpose of your comment was it.

Hope this helps, though in your case I doubt it.

Anonymous said...


Why wasn't everyone else wearing one?

Should have stayed in the green room?

Anonymous said...

Presumably the BBC would have provided the IEM? So presumably the BBC could confirm or deny (or re-edit the clip)?

Anonymous said...

BBC are not a trustworthy news source. Their 'news' is biased in favour of whoever is in charge of the purse strings. Always has been.