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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Katie Hopkins - Racist Sucker

The old adage that something that looks too good to be true probably is too good to be true has been superbly demonstrated together by none other than pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, as she exhorts her followers to sympathise with white farmers in South Africa, whom she has concluded are being murdered at a disproportionate rate. In doing so, she has once again demonstrated her total and utter gullibility.
Viewers may still want to look away now

Hatey Katie (for it is she) has become convinced of the farmers’ alleged plight, and has Tweeted out a video with the comment “Support farmers in South Africa facing white genocide. An unsavoury truth MSM prefers to deny”. White genocide, eh? A favourite catchphrase of the far right: the “others” (whether brown or black people) are coming to get them, they are powerless, and someone must Stand Up For Them.

As with so many subjects beloved of the far right, Ms Hopkins assumes that because the mainstream press is not mentioning the subject - and nor are broadcasters - it does not mean she has got it wrong. No, it is they who have it wrong, white people are victims, and are all going to be “swamped” or “overrun” by Scary Muslims (tm), or some other group who do not share her superior taste in interior decor.

So off she has gone again, telling her adoring followers “Where are you @CNN /@guardian / @BBCNews - or is it that white lives don't matter?” A hillside filled with crosses - and because there is a good Boer name at the top, they must be white peoples’ crosses - plus an article backing it all up. But then the source of the story can be seen, and it is here that Hatey Katie should have stopped and thought.
That’s because the article quoted is in Country Squire, an online magazine whose name will be instantly familiar to anyone who has followed the subject of terrorist hoaxers over the years. Specifically, the kinds of hoaxes perpetuated by fantasist and shyster Dominic Wightman, who may have been of limited ability and even lesser intellect, but managed to con former Tory MP Patrick Mercer something rotten.

Mercer made a significant sum of money selling his alleged “insider knowledge” on terrorism and security matters. But he had been conned by Wightman and his equally stupid side-kick Glen Jenvey. This was to prove his downfall. A BBC Panorama programme exposed his propensity to take “cash for questions”. Then he was gone. Now, Wightman has conned Katie Hopkins. Country Squire is one of his many creations.
As Africa Mail And Guardian has told under the headline “South Africa’s farm murder statistics are more political than accurate”, “A recent analysis by Africa Check, an organisation that promotes accuracy in media reporting, has called into question the accuracy of commonly cited farm murder statistics for South Africa. By looking at the available data, they concluded that it is near impossible to accurately calculate farm murder rates. This calls into question the popular narrative that South Africa’s white farming minority is under siege … Farm murders in South Africa are a highly politicised issue”. But Hatey Katey would rather believe “news” that bolsters her prejudices.

Katie Hopkins is Dominic Wightman’s latest victim. There will be more. But then, she never was the sharpest knife in the box. Another racist bigot hoist by their own petard.


Tony Braisby said...

Minor thing: the word on top of the hill isn't a name, but the Afrikaans for 'farm' (plaas) 'murders' (moorde).

Rivo said...

She's not the only one to start pushing this story either, everyone's least favourite Battersea Basement Dweller is also hot on the subject of South African farm murders...

Anonymous said...

To Rivo.

Who is said "dweller"?

Genuine question.