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Friday 27 October 2017

Katie Hopkins Mosque Paranoia

Having failed to disrupt the rescue of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea, and indeed failed to hold on to her weekly show at broadcaster LBC, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has decided to turn her hand to another cause in which her intervention will have no impact whatsoever. Worse, she has revealed herself, once more, to be little more than a rabble-rousing racist, although whether she is aware of this is uncertain.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As the Ham and High has reported, “The iconic Golders Green Hippodrome has been sold to an Islamic charity and will reopen as a Muslim community centre … The move follows months of speculation about the sale of the former BBC concert venue … Renowned theatre architect Bertie Crewe built the Hippodrome in 1913 as a 3,000-seat music venue … In 1969 it was converted into a BBC TV and radio studio and concert hall”.
The Hippodrome had been in danger of going to ruin. But then, “The Centre for Islamic Enlightening purchased the Grade II-listed building on North End Road for £5.25million at an auction on July 24”. For Ms Hopkins, this is not a good outcome, because Scary Muslims (tm). “Golders Green Hippodrome conditions of use; 'concerts, conferences, drama, dance’. New plans: Muslim only MEGAMOSQUE … Stop @BarnetCouncil censoring comments. Another church falls to appease Shia supporter's mega mosque. Have your say” she frothed, most likely to no avail.
She alone could speak for the residents. “The @JewishChron is doing the usual & 'making nice'. But actual residents I have spoken feel bullied & betrayed … £5 million for a mega mosque tells me Golders Green WAS a Jewish neighbourhood. Where did those funds come from?” The usual bigoted suggestion that Muslims’ money is dodgy money.
And on she went. “My Jewish friends are being censored by the council. And misrepresented by @JewishChron ACT NOW. CLOSES 26 Oct”. Only brave Katie can represent Jewish interests! The JC doesn’t understand! She also sent the community a message: “#StandStrong lovely people of Golders Green xx @BarnetCouncil”.
No, the JC doesn’t understand Jewish people - well, not in Hatey Katie land: “Dear @JewishChron could you interview locals in Golders Green & give them a voice re the Mega-Mosque? (Platitudes aren't cutting it)”. Then came the inadvertent racism. “ONE DAY LEFT - Conditions of use: Western Culture - music /dancing. Proposed new use: Crushing Western Culture”. Western Culture. White culture. Fear of The Other.
On she went with the pointless “conditions of use” meme. “Query @BarnetCouncil. Why have 'conditions of use' - music / dance - been omitted from mega mosque planning considerations?” Notice also that in the retelling, “community centre” has become “mega mosque”. In any case, she’s ranting to no purpose - the building was already being used as a place of worship, not as a dance venue. She has lost this one.

Meanwhile, the new owners of the Golders Green Hippodrome are looking forward to welcoming their new neighbours soon. One person who would rather remain ignorant, and will therefore not be taking up their invitation, is Katie Hopkins.


Anonymous said...

Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Western Civilisation.

He answered "It would be a good idea".

See Hopkins ad nauseam.

Ted Bangor said...

I'm only surprised she didn't blame the BBC for something.

No doubt the Mail will, if they cover the story - without mentioning Hatie, obviously.