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Monday 23 October 2017

Conservative Woman’s Racist Shame

These are not encouraging times for those who contribute to the Conservative Woman group blog, despite all the plugging they receive from the likes of the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog. The tediously boring Laura Perrins has got herself in a terrible muddle trying to pretend that the Harvey Weinstein revelations mean we are awash with porn and the abortion rate is “off the scale”. And there’s more.
Yes Laura, you've been caught bang to rights

What Ms Perrins and her pals have not told their readers of late - but not to worry, I will - is that she has allowed her name to be associated not merely with the intolerant right, but that part of it that is dedicated to old-fashioned racist bigotry. Perhaps this was a mere misunderstanding, but her appearance on the speakers’ list for this year’s Traditional Britain Group conference may need more than a little spin to explain away.

Zelo Street regulars will already know that former UKIP leadership hopeful Anne Marie Waters was not only on the speakers’ list, but also turned up. TBG says of her “Anne Marie Waters, is the director of Sharia Watch UK and a candidate for the UKIP leadership. She will be a well-known face to many having made many media appearances as an outspoken critic of the creeping Islamification of Britain and the spread of Sharia law”.
TBG in a nutshell - a bunch of sad old racists

Also on the list was an anonymous but ominous choice: “A leading continental Identitarian will speak to us as a representative of the growing European political grouping ‘Generation Identity’. They will outline the growth of their movement, the ideals behind it and the difficulties intentionally placed in their way”. This was the group behind the ill-fated Mediterranean cruise of the C-Star, trying to disrupt the rescue of refugees.

And there was Ms Perrins, too: “Laura Perrins, is a co-editor of The Conservative Woman website. A former barrister who graduated from University College, Dublin and Cambridge, she gave up work to look after her young family … She is an outspoken critic of feminism and will aim a broad sweep at this pernicious ideology at conference”. She was willing to speak at a Conference organised by a racist organisation.

Moreover, she was happy to speak alongside an Identitarian - many of whom are neo-Nazis. Maybe she thought that “Traditional Britain” just meant proper old-fashioned conservatism. But one look at the trouble Jacob Rees Mogg got himself into when he appeared at a TBG bash - and she knows who he is - should have put her straight. So should the past presence of white supremacist Richard Spencer.
And here is the TBG Conference speakers' list

But, ultimately, Ms Perrins did not show. Why that should be, Ken Macdonald mused, was down to one of TBG’s now deleted tweets. Talking of Spencer, he noted “He addressed Traditional Britain meeting a few years back. So did Rees Mogg. Conservative Woman Laura Perrins pulled out due to recent tweet”. The deleted Tweet simply asserted “Prince Harry to marry a Mulatto. Totally wrong”. Well, I did say they were a bunch of racists.
Even so, Laura Perrins must have allowed her name to be advertised by TBG - along with the subject of her Conference offering. That is beyond unforgivable. There is nothing “Conservative” or “Traditional” about TBG. It’s a Monday Club racist rump.

The “Conservative Woman” isn’t really conservative at all. No surprise there, then.

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