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Saturday 21 October 2017

Justine Greening’s Kinder, Gentler Hypocrisy

After Clive Lewis was singled out for another punishment beating by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, along came a series of principled and righteous Tory politicians to assist these less than highly principled individuals in putting the boot into the Rotten Lefties (tm). One of the more righteous of this group was the women and equalities minister Justine Greening.
The recent use of language by Clive Lewis MP was totally and utterly unacceptable in the world of the ‘kinder, gentler politics’ you claim to support … Senior women in the Labour party have understandably condemned his words, and as leader of the Labour party, you should too … Will you now step forward and condemn the sexist language of Clive Lewis, and the unacceptable attitudes that lie behind it, and set out how you plan to tackle misogyny in the Labour party?she said in a letter to Jeremy Corbyn.
Well, there are three things to which Ms Greening might do well to pay heed before she starts down that road. One is to ensure she gets right what Jezza actually said about “kinder politics”. This is what he told the 2015 Labour Conference.

It is this sense of fair play, these shared majority British values, that are the fundamental reason why I love this country and its people … These values are what I was elected on: a kinder politics and a more caring society … These are Labour values and our country's values”. Jeremy Corbyn never said “kinder, gentler politics.
Can it get worse for the minister? Moving on to point two, we see that Ms Greening has no room to call out anyone in the Labour Party for sexism, unacceptable attitudes, misogyny or anything else, as the testimonies of three young women have shown.
Dawn Foster told “Ironically the reaction to the Clive Lewis video has been an absolute torrent of misogyny sent my way purely because I was stood next to him …. Including emails saying men hoped I was sexually assaulted, beaten up and one guy who despite me tweeting about Catholicism a lot decided I'm ‘secretly Jewish’ and it's a shame I didn't end up in a gas chamber. Not dealt with Guido's acolytes before but they're utterly vile”.
Frankie Leach, North West Young Labour women’s officer, gave The Great Guido short shrift: “You tried to ruin my life when I was 19 by implying I gave out sexual favours in return for committee positions within Momentum. Get fucked”. And Abby Tomlinson of Milifandom fame added “This happened to me too, when I was 17. Got endless abuse from stuff they wrote. Guido don’t give a shit about women”.
But Justine Greening won’t be calling the Fawkes rabble out. And three, she was a very close friend of Mark Clarke of Tory bullying infamy. But when he was misbehaving his way to the top, what did she say then? Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Not a sausage. Bugger all. And that business ended not with a few people being abusive on Twitter, but a young activist taking his own life. Nothing like looking the other way.

The Tory Party is rife with hypocrisy. Justine Greening has now confirmed that she is a full participant in this enterprise. Pass the sick bag.

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Anonymous said...

The worst of it is, it was the "progress" and "Blairite" right wingers who first started virtue signalling about this.

The same old faces "Yvette Cooper, Stella Creasey, Harriet Harmon and of course pretend feminist in chief Jess (all men are bastartds) Phillips.

So basically an attempt to undermine the left wing again, Greening just jumped on the band wagon after our "friends" on the right drove it up to the door for her, held the door open and asked if she wanted to see a puppy.

I really have come to hate Jess Phillips, she is no more a feminist than her friend Rees Mogg is, its just the gimmick she has chosen to use to pretend she belongs in a socialist party, and the sooner we deselect this fake, the better for all concerned