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Sunday 24 September 2017

Sun Chuka Umunna Lies BUSTED

The Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have a problem as Labour gathers in Brighton for its annual Conference: few from the party want to give the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker the time of day, and certainly no-one from the top of the party. They have no chance of getting an interview with Jeremy Corbyn - that honour went to the Observer and Mirror today - and so are left to making it up.
No leadership challenge this week no shock horror

And the Sun has significant previous when it comes to inventing stories, especially when their hacks can calculate that the targets can’t afford to take them to the cleaners. So it came to pass that hack Ryan Sabey got his instructions and proceeded to invent a plot to remove Jezza from the leadership, which isn’t going to happen. But the paper wants to make trouble for Labour, and so he has to pretend it will.

Labour’s Chuka Umunna being lined up to wrestle power from ‘undemocratic’ Jeremy Corbynreads the improbable headline, followed by the equally untrue “CHUKA Umunna is being lined up to wrestle power from Jeremy Corbyn’s grip on Labour … The moderate is tipped to lead a charge against the hard-Left, a leading party figure has claimed”. And who might this “leading party figure” be, perchance?

He was on a list of future leaders from ex-frontbencher Lisa Nandy that included former shadow defence secretary Clive Lewis and shadow Treasury minister Jonathan Reynolds”. Do go on. “Ms Nandy, who quit Mr Corbyn’s team last year, said: ‘This for me is a battle not just for the soul of the Labour Party but for the future of this country’ … Ms Nandy called Mr Corbyn’s style of leadership ‘closed, top down and undemocratic’ and the years since he became leader ‘hell’”. But there was a problem with that claim.

And that is that it is simply untrue. There is no chance of Corbyn’s leadership being challenged at Conference. Were there to be a challange, it would not involve “wrestling” anything, but the same democratic process involved when Jezza came to power, and then retained it last year. Plus Ms Nandy had something to say about the “story”.
Addressing Sabey, she snapped “your article today is complete b***ocks. Please stop writing rubbish without even bothering to call me”. Well, well. The Sun has abandoned even putting stories to their subject before publishing. That is how low the Murdoch faithful have sunk. Once they get their orders from the 13th floor, that’s that.

So when the paper’s readers are asked “Will Chuka Umunna be the next Labour leader?” the answer is, not yet, and certainly not at Conference, nor, indeed, any time in the foreseeable future. But Ryan Sabey did get one thing right in his excuse for an article, although if you blinked, you might have missed it.

The article’s sub-heading tells readers “Labour's annual conference will start in Brighton today”. And that is actually correct! Pity about the pack of lies that constitutes the rest of it, mind.

Another day, another lame and failed attempt by the Murdoch mafiosi to disrupt the Labour Party and its Conference. Remember folks - Don’t Buy The Sun.


Anonymous said...

The Scum is of course lying.

The problem is Umunna is as trustworthy as a cuckoo. As demonstrated by his treachery after the Queen's Speech. Thus the Scum has connected the dots.

My bet is Umunna (and other New Labour Quislings) know full well they're fucked for the forseeable, but they're ready to await events in the hope of an opportunity. So he won't complain about this propaganda.

On a minor note, I can't trust a "Labour" MP who wears stiff collars and a "business" tie - then ditches them for an open neck shirt when his type of treachery gets a well deserved bums rush.

Scum or no Scum, I wouldn't trust Umunna one jot. The Scum gang are of course just gobshites. They deserve each other.

Arnold said...


C*ckwomble blames Labour because he has mistaken the Royal Pavilion Brighton for a Mosque.

Anonymous said...

Odd how toe rags like Sabey don't use the term "hard-right"......

I mean, it sounds soooo threatening.