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Saturday 23 September 2017

Farage DOES Have Bloodied Hands

The protestations of former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, that the rotten BBC had caused great upset to Himself Personally Now by broadcasting a vox pop where a member of the public had expressed the view that he “had blood on his hands”, was clearly a case of brazen hypocrisy, as I showed at the time. Farage is all too ready to level the same accusation at others for no credible reason.
Squeaky keep it quiet finger up the bum time

But the former head Kipper’s appalling double standards do not end there: it is also arguable that he does have blood on his hands, and as a result of a far more clear-cut, and much nastier, series of deliberate actions. For this, we must go back to the 2010 General Election, when Farage chose to challenge Commons speaker John Bercow for the Buckingham constituency - yet another Parliamentary campaign he lost.

Nige got in into his head that he would like to charter an aircraft to tow a suitably worded banner around the area, thus hopefully raising his publicity profile. To this end, one of his fellow Kippers recommended a pilot called Justin Adams. At first, Adams was not keen about his plane towing a banner, as it was not suited to the task. But he was somehow persuaded to take the job. He soon came to regret doing so.

The banner became entangled in the aircraft, causing it to adopt a nose down attitude: it subsequently crash landed, injuring both Adams and Farage. Adams was later convicted of issuing threats against Mr Thirsty, but as the Skwawkbox has told, he did not at first make any threats, doing no more in the first instance than calling Farage and asking him to make a call to the Civil Aviation Authority concerning the crash.

It is alleged that instead of calling the CAA, Farage called the Police and claimed he was being threatened. There were, it seems, two witnesses to this series of events. Later, Adams did indeed make threats, but by that time, partly because Farage had dragged his feet for so long, his income had dried up. He lost his pilot’s licence, his business, and ultimately his family. Adams subsequently took his own life.

On hearing the news of the pilot’s death, Farage suddenly came over all contrite: “This is a horribly tragic end and I'm desperately sorry for what happened”. Not sorry enough, it seems, to ‘fess up and tell the CAA that he was, at least in part, responsible for the crash landing for coercing Adams to tow a banner behind his aircraft so that UKIP could score a bit of less expensive publicity - when the plane was not suitable to do it.

Strangely, our free and fearless press has not seen fit to pursue this story, and has been absent elsewhere when Farage baselessly accused the EU of “having blood on its hands” over Ukraine, then whining like a spoilt brat when he thought the BBC had made the same accusation against him, which they had not.

It takes some brass neck to be suspiciously close to being part of what drove a desperate man to take his own life, and than get all righteous that someone said something rotten about him. Nigel Farage gives every impression of being that man. I doubt that anyone in the aviation industry will be taking on a job for him any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

Farage doesn't have a conscience.

No tory has.

See Hillsborough and Grenfell Tower.

Being tory means you have a part of you missing. The part that makes us human.