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Sunday 24 September 2017

Boris’ Red Lines IRRELEVANT

A week after the supposedly shock intervention in the Brexit debate by London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, we have yet another intervention, which, purely by coincidence you understand, has been splashed all over the Telegraph, the same paper that reported the last one, and the paper which for so long bunged Bozza £250,000 a year of “chicken feed” for a weekly feast of drivel.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

The Sunday Tel has informed readers “Boris sets red lines on Brexit … No new EU rules for Britain after 2019, says Foreign Secretary as cabinet divisions on transition are laid bare”, which is preposterous nonsense, and had the Tel not sent so many of its best journalists down the road and gone so desperate and downmarket, one of the editors or sub-editors would have spiked this ridiculous idea.

Who is doing the negotiating for the UK next week? Is it David Davis and his team, or are they taking Bozza along to sit at the back and heckle? Does Davis have to run everything past this useless buffoon? Does Bozza not understand that this is about a nation of over 60 million people, and not merely an exercise in personal aggrandisement by a failed journalist, failed London Mayor, and amateur human being?

Anyhow … what’s his beef? The Tel has hidden itself away behind a paywall, but the magpies at the Mail have lifted the relevant parts of his latest outpourings (see how that works, Barclay brothers?). The Dacre doggies tell “The Foreign Secretary is apparently demanding that Britain does not accept any new regulations from Brussels during a mooted two-year transition period”. But there is a clear caution.
Brexiteers want the UK to be able to set our own rules and strip out red tape as soon as possible in order to gain a competitive advantage … But Eurocrats will try to insist that we must fully agree to all EU regulations while we have the benefits of our current membership terms”. You’re still in the Single Market, you don’t get to give yourself a competitive advantage. Rules are rules. No independent trade deals. End of story.

So when all those “close to Bozza” say “Boris will be one of those Cabinet ministers pushing to make sure we don't have any new EU rules and regulations during the transition … There should not be any new regulations during that period. We should uphold those we have already but not take any more”, this is total crap. It will get laughed out of the negotiating room. It’s not going to happen.

And in any case, as the Mail points out, “any new rules that come into force during the two years will in reality have been approved by the UK while it was still a member of the bloc”. Brave Bozza not engaging brain before shooting mouth off - no surprise there.

As to who may be behind Bozza’s dysfunctional drivel, one headline is all you need to read. “Boris Johnson’s Brexit demands are a breath of fresh air for voters during stale EU negotiations … The Foreign Secretary's words for The Telegraph will be a sign of hope for the millions of frustrated Brits who voted for Brexit”. Faithful Murdoch retainer Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun last week. The empire that is leaning on Bozza strikes again.

Thus the perils of having a failed journalist in Government: they get talked up when they’re not worth it, and get leaned on by those who know the content of their skeleton cupboards.

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Bozo and Kavanagh.

A marriage made in an illegal backstreet market in Soho.

Neither of them would be out of place as doormen on a strip joint.

Cheap nastzis the two of them.