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Thursday 28 September 2017

Katie Hopkins School Tour BUSTED

With the prospect of her Mail Online contract ending and not being renewed this coming November, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is facing winter with the prospect of fewer opportunities - in the UK at least - of chasing More And Bigger Self-Promotion Opportunities For Herself Personally Now. She may have to hope for a growing market for her own special brand of bigotry across the North Atlantic.
Viewers may still want to look away now

After all, she has in that country the opportunities awarded by Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), as well as the array of shock jocks and conspiracy artists, some with their own video outlets, like Alex Jones at InfoWars. But here, after being binned by the Sun, and Mail Online about to cut her loose, the news is less good. So she has hit on the idea of promoting her message through our school system.

Hatey Katie’s excuse is that this is no more than her exercising her right to free speech, and so whenever she is turned down or refused the opportunity to pollute young and often impressionable minds with her brand of hate speech, she can work this to her advantage by playing the victim. This ignores her freedom to speak not automatically entitling her to lecture the rest of the population, and the equal right not to invite her.

So Ms Hopkins has brought forth the Stand Strong School Tour, where she will come to your school for free (well, apart from hitting you for the travel costs). This promises “An opportunity to look at the information we are fed, to challenge the views we hold and to understand opinions are never right or wrong. We don’t have to agree to get along”. That last one explains why even the Guardian has interviewed her - more than once.
Strangely, none of her “Case Studies” talks about her calling for a “final solution” after the Manchester Arena bombing, calling refugeesCockroaches”, libelling a Muslim family who were denied boarding on a flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, libelling campaigner and author Jack Monroe, or her recent advocacy for a failed Mediterranean jaunt to chase away all those Scary Muslims (tm) by what turned out to be a bunch of neo-Nazis.

Sadly, this campaign has already turned out not necessarily to her advantage. As Wales Online has told, “Wales' Education Secretary has urged schools not to book controversial columnist Katie Hopkins … Kirsty Williams called the outspoken writer ‘unelected’ and ‘unpleasant’ and said schools should consider other speakers … Ms Williams said that there are ‘much better’ speakers available through the Speakers for Schools scheme”.

Worse, Hatey Katie might find her previous attacks on Welsh people catching up with her. The London Economic has reported that “Earlier this month Katie Hopkins insulted Welsh school mums when a few spoke out after a Welsh high school put their children in isolation for wearing the wrong clothes. Hopkins tweeted that she was ‘outraged that they were allowed to breed at all’”. It’s Brains You Want, Katie.

There is also a suggestion that Ms Hopkins’ tour could be in breach of the Government’s Prevent guidelines on terrorism and radical hate preachers. And now that the authorities are aware of this singularly unsavoury attempted addition to the curriculum, it might be a tour which ends up without much touring taking place, if at all.

Still, she can always try to make money out of playing the victim. No change there, then.


nparker said...

Proof that Hopkins is a Nazi is her desire to brainwash impressionable children with her sick hatred. This must not happen. And it won't either, because all right thinking parents won't let it.

Invite right wing politicians, not far right crackpots, when you're in charge of children.

Plopkins wants to brainwash children but she won't get to.

Batum said...

I hope the world will be more beautiful.

Phil said...

I work with Welsh kids. Part of me actually wants her to go to a Welsh school and try to deliver her nonsense to them.

They'd tear her a new one.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

Katie's should go to her natural home, the faux "Libertarian" website Spiked where she can't rant & race about her loss of "free speech" along with Brendan O'Neill.

SimonB said...

Doesn't it depend on the age of the kids? Douglas Hurd was given a very tough time when he talked to my old sixth form.

Andy McDonald said...

When I was at college every so often there'd be a guest speaker running an "open discussion about science" that would invariably turn out to be a rant in favour of creationism or the like.

This is just about empowering nascent bigots, making them feel either justified or victimised. Either way, it's got no place in any school.

DarrenG said...

I read a comment elsewhere which i think has a good ring of truth around it.

She knows that she not be invited to speak at schools, or if a school does invite here and then cancels the invitation she can then list those schools as not supporting free speech etc, thereby funding herself

Anonymous said...

Imagine some school stupid enough to put that ranting righty crackpot in front of impressionable kids.

Then weep for the kids and the school.

If Hopkins was in the USA she'd probably be sponsored by Raytheon or the Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is just a publicity stunt by hatie - Most schools would not even consider booking here and she knows it. She is vile but not dumb. THe amount of coverage she will get is worth a badly spelt leaflet and few vague remarks about possible confirmations. It's a scam.

Anonymous said...

I sense a triple play here:

1. Poor me, the leftist teaching establishment are discriminating - boo hoo.

2. Nice bit of agitprop for her "Give me a job in the American Alt-Right" portfolio.

3. Opportunity for a joint campaign with Toby Young's emporium of joyless memorization.