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Monday 11 September 2017

Farage Prom Flag Flop BUSTED

Last Saturday, this year’s season of BBC Proms came to a close with Prom 75, the ceremonial Last Night of the Proms. A packed Royal Albert Hall was treated to a programme of music ending, as is customary, with Henry Wood’s Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Thomas Arne’s Rule Britannia, Edward Elgar’s first Pomp and Circumstance March (aka Land of Hope and Glory), and Hubert Parry’s Jerusalem.
Squeaky flag-waving finger up the bum time

The event was broadcast live by the BBC, mixed in with snippets from Proms in the Park held in a number of outdoor venues across Britain. It was good, rousing stuff. But one onlooker was deeply miffed at what he saw: step forward Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who discovered that a group called Flags at the Proms had been handing out EU flags to concert-goers, making the blue and gold dominant around the auditorium.

Mr Thirsty ranted at the Guardian’s reporter “These people are still in denial over the referendum result. They are trying to make it all about them instead of a great concert. The British people want to leave the EU no matter how many flags they fly”. He also frothedAs for this airy fairy 'music crosses all borders' nonsense, music is also an important part of national symbolism in every part of the world”.

So what sort of “national symbolism” did this year’s LNOTP show us? In a hall named after a German, we heard “Wagner, and songs by Kurt Weill, a German Jew who fled the Nazis in 1933”. The BBC Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Sakari Oramo from Finland, whose duties included a piece by his fellow countryman Jean Sibeluis. There was also music from Zoltán Kodály, who was Hungarian.

The singers were led by soprano Nina Stemme, who is Swedish. And the concert was broadcast across Europe and the rest of the world. So Farage is doing no more than standing and ranting - dishonestly, as usual. And it got worse.
Mr Thirsty decided that the issuing of EU flags must be countered by an appropriately upstanding and patriotic display of something British. According to the Mail, he “pledged a fightback with UKIP donor Arron Banks set to fund a similar number of Union Jacks for the audience … He said: 'I will definitely be giving Arron a call about this’”.

Sadly, as the Guardian observed, this campaign turned out not necessarily to his advantage: “Before the concert Farage had told the Daily Express that he would be asking the former Ukip donor Arron Banks to fund the supply of a large number of union jacks to counter the EU flags, but that plan did not appear to have come to fruition”.

Farage had, not for the first time, not only run out of other peoples’ money, but shown the world that he was all wind and piss. Moreover, he has failed totally to understand that it took two to perform this particular Tango: not just the people handing out the flags - but thousands of punters who happily accepted and then waved them.

And in any case, Mr Thirsty has no room to talk about crossing borders, after his victory rally with the German far right in Rudolf Hess’ back yard last Friday. Busted.


iMatt said...

Ah yes, in denial about the referendum result Nigel. This from a man who said had the result gone the other way, he'd continue fighting for a second referendum.

If so confident about Brexit, he and others would care not one jot about people displaying the EU flag. The man is an utter shyster and a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good ever comes out of nationalism.

Hence Farage, Banks and all other associated tory nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

How typical of Farage that he needs Arron "Piggy" Banks whenever he has a grand scheme that requires cold hard cash.

Farage could have told the Daily Express "I'll organise the Union flags and pay for it out of my own pocket."

But no - he is a tightwad of the first order. Does nothing. Then froths and rants when EU flags are flying and then claims he is going to ring his friend Piggy.

You could not make this up.

Colin The Bat

pete c said...

He's a bit late on this one. And well out of the frame. Surprise, surprise.

There was a good display of EU flags at last years last night. Thankfully.

And I guess he missed the wide-ranging conductors address - and very well chosen 'encores', from Daniel Barenboim at the start of this prom season.

Anonymous said...

The Brexiter Quitlings cannot stand even the merest hint of any opposition to their folly. (Witness also today's debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill and it's Draconian proposals!)
It's almost as if they realise their victory was founded upon lies and hope they'll not be found out (they have been!).

Bob said...

'Bollock faced foghorn of ignorance' - five words that sum up this crook so fittingly

Anonymous said...

Farage; "face like a used condom chucked into a hedge".

Anonymous said...

"tightwad of the first order" is a fair description of NF, but lying ponce is also appropriate.