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Friday 30 December 2016

Jan Moir Condemns Compassion

At this season of goodwill, it might have been thought that even the professional misery-mongers in the Northcliffe House bunker might lighten up and cast off their Scrooge-like dismissal of anything that smacked of people giving a crap about others, but, as ever, that thought would have been misplaced, as Jan Moir, the Daily Mail’s Glenda Cattia Maxima, has launched into another of her mean-spirited tirades.
Take cover! JAN MOIR'S giving both barrels to her... Bores of the Year: Make way for the windbag and the wearisome who have made 2016 such a trial for us” is the headline, which proves only that it takes one to know one. And showing that the Mail is now firmly embracing the language of the Alt-Right, her first target is Lily Allen, whom she calls “Champion of refugees, scourge of the British Army and the ultimate snowflake”.

Ms Allen has, of course, not only shown compassion, but shown compassion to brown people who follow a religious faith which has incurred the displeasure of the Mail’s legendarily foul mouthed editor. Ms Allen’s transgressions included “she put her home in the Cotswolds on the market for £4.2 million, complete with its 'party barn' and architect plans to build an orangery off the kitchen”. And, er, so what?

Oh of course, she went to the Calais refugee camp and showed compassion for others. How silly of her. Also being gratuitously slagged off by Ms Moir is Tory MP Anna Soubry, predictably, because she has called out the Mail for its hateful attitude. And for backing the Remain side in the EU referendum, which is also against the dictates of the Vagina Monologue. So she gets smeared as well. As does Michael Sheen.

Why? Because he’s an actor, and has a political conscience. How dare he? So he gets smeared as someone “from the Land of Luvvie” as Ms Moir invents lots of opinions he hasn’t expressed. Then it’s on to Sarah, Duchess of York, “who just won't do the decent thing and retire quietly to the Royal Lodge in Windsor and sob quietly in a corner”. That’s most revealing. It’s exactly what Dacre and his attack dogs want their targets to do.

Back at the “compassion means hatchet jobs”, actor Jude Law also gets it in the neck for visiting the Calais refugee camp. He was awarded the full Moir sneer: “'This seems like a solvable problem,' said self-styled protester Jude Law visiting the Calais Jungle this year … Of course! Jude has played the Pope and Alfie, slept with the nanny and lived in trendy Primrose Hill - what problem is beyond him?” So Ms Moir can’t afford Primrose Hill.

Spending all her life dreaming up yet more sneering and smearing, jumping through every hoop her editor places before her, full of bile, hatred and intolerance, existing only to put the boot into those who displease the Vagina Monologue in order to ensure all those loyal Daily Mail readers know which way to think, to always see the worst in others, while eagerly promoting those traits in herself. Is the money really worth doing that for?

Fortunately, Jan Moir does have one redeeming feature: she’s one of the best recruiting sergeants that Stop Funding Hate could have had. And she costs them nothing. Result!

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Moir means less.