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Monday 23 March 2015

Don’t Menshn Sub-Editors

For some time, it’s been increasingly obvious that the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has not been checking some of its pundits’ ramblings for the more elementary things such as getting facts right, and ensuring those generously remunerated talking heads don’t contradict themselves, or otherwise end up making themselves look even bigger prats than they do already (hello Tony Parsons).
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

And a prime example of both genres can be found in yesterday’s less than Magnum Opus from (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who has decided to pontificate on the subjects of travellers, and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). While she deals with each of those subjects in turn, the level of common sense (or lack of it) is consistent. She kicks off by arguing against her own party, albeit perhaps inadvertently.

Under the headline “The simple way to end racism”, she tells “three cheers for the Labour council of Harlow in Essex and local Tory MPs Jackie Doyle-Prince in Thurrock and Harlow MP Rob Halfon … Jackie and Rob worked with Labour and against a Tory Police commissioner who refused to help locals get travellers on illegal sites moved off their land”. Now see what conclusion she draws.
It’s Labour’s politicised policies and chief constables who are preventing officers from following the law when it comes to travellers”. Er, hello? How does a Tory Police commissioner supposedly not helping - the idea came from the Tories, remember - come back to Labour? And, when we’re at it, “policies” are by definition “politicised” - they get devised by political parties, then implemented by them if elected.

It gets worse: “People just want travellers to be policed the same way as everyone else - no excusing racism, bullying, littering and truancy in some pathetic name of ‘culture’”. What is Ms Mensch ranting about? Is she calling travellers, often on the receiving end of racially motivated attacks, racist? Would she care to advance the odd fact? Yes, I know it’s the Sun, but still, this should not have passed a decent subbing.
And, as the man said, there’s more: then comes “We need truth not Tweets to stop sex abuse”. What kind of “truth” would be given in example? You’ll love this one: “The same people who scream about the Elm Guest House in Wales and then throw out lists of names never have any actual proof of anything”. Right. There’s a very good reason why anyone talking about “Elm Guest House in Wales” might not have proof of anything.

That’s because Elm Guest House was in south-west London, which is not in Wales, or even remotely near it. And while we’re on the subject of not paying too much attention to inveterate Tweeters, Ms Mensch has no room to talk, such is her obsessive use of the medium. She could more usefully ask someone to sub her column properly, although if she wants to keep on looking stupid, I’ve no objection to her deciding thus.

She was allowed to become an MP. Be afraid of elected representatives. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Unsurprising given her stupidity and links to Ian Watkins

rob said...

It's okey dopey time

She puts her left foot in
Her right foot in
In mouth, in mouth ,
She swills them all about
She does the No Researchy
Spins the facts around
That's why they're up the spout
Oh, no time to do researchy
Oh, no time to do researchy
Oh, no time to do researchy
Hate work, brain fail