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Sunday 25 April 2010

You All Right Dave?

Over the years that he has been leading the Tory Party, I’ve had more than enough opportunity to hear Young Dave in action. And there seems to have been a subtle change in what I’ve been hearing over time. This leads me to ask if Cameron is maybe tiring as the campaigning intensifies.

Back in 2006, Young Dave can be seen and heard at the dispatch box in this video, reeling off one liners and convenient sound bites as he responds to Pa Broon’s budget. So far, so predictable, but in his rearranged PEB last week – this is available on Webcameron – he sounds subtly different.

What is that difference? Put directly, he sounds more nasal in his speech – I thought he had contracted a mild head cold. Is it getting to him a little, or has he dropped unlucky , having to keep up the usual punishing schedule while dealing with not feeling quite 100%?

Because a General Election campaign is no time to be unwell.

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