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Thursday 1 April 2010

Yes Or No?

As I observed recently, Labour candidate David Williams has been getting himself into the local free sheet more than occasionally, suggesting that he’s gearing up for the General Election to be called. He is not alone: the Lib Dems have, in their routinely yellow “Focus” newsletter, introduced their new man Roy Wood to the punters.

Roy has spent his career teaching in a Wirral comprehensive, for which he deserves that community’s gratitude, and more than likely a medal of some sort. He is also a non flyer, and a vegan, which although praiseworthy from a carbon footprint point of view, may well cause the average Crewe voter to regard him as a being from another planet.

But the most encouraging news in the Lib Dem flyer is that the party is now apparently backing the revival of the Gateway scheme for redeveloping the station – on its existing site. Note my insertion of “apparently”: the Lib Dems were, as far as can be recalled, never anywhere in the vicinity of any of the meetings organised by CREAM, and one of their former councillors has gone on the record comprehensively rubbishing the Gateway proposals.

So are they on board or not? And is this a firm policy stance by Corporal Clegg’s Crewe and Nantwich platoon, or merely a device to garner votes, only to be discarded after the General Election? I’m trying to find out more, but in the meantime, feedback from anyone in the area would be more than welcome.

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