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Saturday 3 April 2010

Yes Or No? – 2

Hardly had I considered the damascene conversion of the Lib Dems to the view that the Gateway scheme for redeveloping Crewe station should be revived, than yet more folks are voicing their support. If only they had been so enthusiastic when Network Rail (NR) were pitching their potty idea for moving the station to Basford in an effort to create a groundside airport terminal, and nice little earner.

But at least they are coming round to the idea that CREAM were promoting, almost as a lone voice, from the start. So who is adding their presence to the move? Well, rent-an-enthusiast Pete Waterman has grabbed the headlines, but unless he is inclined to simultaneously open his wallet, this will be of no more than cosmetic use. The significant voice is that of Wesley Fitzgerald, current leader of Cheshire East Council.

Why so? Well, not only is Fitzgerald the holder of elective office – unlike Waterman – he also represents the Tory Party, whose best efforts until now had been to sit firmly on the fence. So it now looks as if all three major parties are more or less signed up to the Gateway scheme being revisited.

All we need now is some action. Hint.

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