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Sunday 25 April 2010

Regaining The Initiative

Credit where credit’s due: Young Dave has recovered the advantage on one front, even though it’s not on most voters’ radar. His initial reluctance to commit to an appearance before The Inquisition Of Pax Jeremiah let Pa Broon paint him into a corner by agreeing to a grilling, as had Corporal Clegg earlier.

But Brown had also set the date for his appearance before Paxo, and it wasn’t going to be until next week. Cameron and his team, once they conceded the point, were fast enough in rearranging their schedule to get their man in first, and now the interview has been recorded and broadcast.

Is this important? Yes, undoubtedly – as with Clegg, Cameron has got the ordeal over with, the post interview discussion has been had, and any of it that lodged momentarily in the public consciousness has been forgotten. Young Dave can now focus on those kinds of appearances that are less demanding, and those that allow him to say only what he wants.

Moreover, he gets more preparation time for the last Leaders’ Debate.

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