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Thursday 22 April 2010

So What Is The Message? – 2

Following on from my thoughts yesterday about the lack of a consistent message from Young Dave and his jolly good chaps (also available on Liberal Conspiracy – my thanks once more to Sunny Hundal), the thought has entered that it is not only in the message department where CCHQ has been caught out not doing its homework.

As the latest poster, featuring an animated Cameron and an allegedly hard hitting slogan, was put before a seemingly less than totally grateful public, it was suggested that this one, unlike its predecessors, would not be easy to imitate. This was, apparently, down to the dark background showing an audience, no doubt hanging on Young Dave’s every word.

Oh dear. Making out that you have perfected a “spoof proof” poster is not a wise move, and swiftly on to the case came Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads, putting together a “template” poster, showing Cameron and his audience, and leaving anyone so inclined to add their own text and any other items they wanted. The Ireland version also reveals a less than rapturous audience.

Those of inconvenient thought have not disappointed: Paul Owen has written a feature for the Guardian website which provides links to many of the demonstrations that CCHQ has once again become an online object of ridicule (this one I particularly liked).

And this latest poster shows the inherent fragility in the Tory campaign: it’s all about Young Dave. He polls significantly better than his party, and this personalisation, combined with the series of Leaders’ Debates, means that the Tories are betting the whole stack of chips on one man. No pressure tonight, then.

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