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Wednesday 14 April 2010

A Quiet Election

When Ted Kennedy died, the ensuing “special election” for his Senate seat brought huge media coverage, with Republicans cheering Scott Brown on as he won the contest and thereby removed the Democrat “super majority” in that house. So, given there has just been another “special election”, you might think that there would be yet more wall to wall media coverage.

Except you’d be wrong: the contest, for Florida’s 19th District, has barely registered, perhaps because it’s for the House, rather than the Senate. And the cheerleading from the right is absent because this election was won convincingly by the Democrats, with Ted Deutch taking 62% of votes to his Republican opponent’s 35%.

That much should not be a surprise, given that registered Democrats outnumber Republicans here by two to one. And one hopeful sign for the Dems, with the mid terms coming in November, is that Deutch’s share of the vote is not far short of the 65% polled in the District by Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential contest.

What you will not see in any detail on Fox News Channel.

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