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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Partygate - The Polecat’s Revenge

Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is not wont to look any further than the current crisis, the day’s news cycle. So it was that he appeared not to give too much thought to what might happen after he dispensed with the services of now former chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings, apparently after a significant falling out with his third wife Carrie. He could deal with that later. And now he must.

Two personalities clash: Polecat Dom ...

Because the Polecat’s fingers are all over his latest crisis: Cummings Tweeted four days ago “The Guardian photo does NOT show a party [the alleged ‘business meeting’ which just happened to feature cheese and wine] but there was a rule-breaking drinks on 20 May”. Three days after that, an email confirming the “rule-breaking drinks” is leaked. As Mrs Beckermann tells Charlie Croker in The Italian Job, It Wasn’t An Accident.

... and Bozo's wife Carrie ...

And, once again, it was ITV where the leak landed, as Paul Brand told. “Email obtained by [ITV News] proves over 100 staff were invited to drinks party in No 10 garden at height of lockdown to ‘make the most of the lovely weather’. We’re told PM and his wife attended, with staff invited to ‘bring your own booze!’” How nice for them all. And there was more.

... the shopping trolley symbol refers to Bozo

Email was sent by the PM's Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds. 30-40 staff attended, eating picnic food and drinking in the garden. Less than an hour earlier, Oliver Dowden had told the public at the daily press conference to stick to meeting in pairs outdoors”. Dowden, as Paul Johnson recalled, had been quite specific in his advice.

‘You can meet one person outside of your household in an outdoor, public place provided that you stay 2 metres apart’ - Oliver Dowden, No10 news conference, 20 May, 2020 … Two hours later …” Two hours later, there was a party. As the Tweeter known as My Sweet Landlord noted, “Just to clarify, there is no way that an invitation from a civil servant to lots of other civil servants to bring their own booze to the Downing Street garden can result in a business meeting. That's another loophole closed”. And it got worse.

Tamara Cohen of Sky News told “Former special adviser Claire Pearsall tells [Sky News] a private secretary is unlikely to have organised such a drinks unless ‘the instruction came from the top… the private secretary works on behalf of the PM in this case’”.

Brand has this morning added “Health Minister Edward Argar has the unenviable job of defending No 10 this morning over the latest party. He says he can completely understand why people are ‘angry, upset and hurt by these allegations’ but we have to wait for Sue Gray’s internal investigation”. Why? As Argar was asked by Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid this morning, why does Bozo need to ask someone else if he was there?

It is clear from the Polecat’s Twitter feed that he dislikes Carrie Johnson. It is more than likely that this opinion has been reinforced by her part in his departure from Downing Street. He also knows that Bozo stood before the Commons last month and said “if those rules were broken, there will be disciplinary action for all those involved”. Since then, there just happen to have been two leaks of him being involved in breaking those rules himself.

The good news is that light is now being shone on the predictably cavalier attitude of this rotten, corrupt and unprincipled Government. The bad news is that we have had to wait a year and a half for it to shine. And only then because two people don’t like one another.

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Yo ho ho BYOB of Rum said...

the shopping trolley symbol refers to Carrie ???
'Indecisive Boris Johnson a ‘shopping trolley smashing between aisles’, says Cummings' - CityAM, 26 May 2021.

AndyC said...

It's not a case of the usual mantra, whenever this bunch of mendacious incompetents treat us with contempt, of'One rule for them, another rule for us'. It's blatantly obvious that with this government it's 'NO rule for them'.

Anonymous said...

Pre-election I warned that Bozo is a dangerous buffoon. Which didn't require prescience, just a reasonable measure of common sense.

It transpires he and his fellow-travellers and apologists are even worse than that.

But the tory anti-Bozo faction - which naturally includes the Starmer Quiff Quisling gang - are now in pole position. His days are numbered be it tomorrow or a few years from now.

The British tragedy is it doesn't much matter whether he stays or goes. The same general far right corrupt policies will be followed. Only the version of weasel words, lies, hypocrisy and outright corruption will change.

Anybody who thinks otherwise is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Welcome to Britain 2022. A nation living with its eyes wide shut. And liking it.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Can we all be explicit on one thing: Carrie Antionette wasn't Johnson's wife at the time of the parties (June 2020) nor when Dominic Polecat ponced out of Downing Street. Any Johnson wife before November 2020 has to be Marina Wheeler.

The oddly-secretive (and dubiously legal under Canon Law) marriage was late May 2021.

All contemporary references before then should be to Johnson and his maîtresse-en-titre.

Just another bit of sleazy detail, of course.

Arnold said...

As Argar was asked by Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid this morning, why does Bozo need to ask someone else if he was there?
He was too drunk to remember? :-)

The news is going down like a shit sandwich everywhere. I'm beginning to wonder if Bozo will survive much longer. I don't think the Met can get away with their previous position of not investigating Covid violations after the event.

Cloud-dwelling Cuckoo said...

'His days are numbered be it tomorrow or a few years from now.'

Not much gets past Anonymous @ 12.27!

Anonymous said...

More like mattress-on-tit.

Anonymous said...

Even the kids know.


Unknown said...

No, carrie is two hazelnuts and a tiara

Mr Larrington said...

However much we get down on our knees and pray that this is the beginning of the end for Bloody Stupid Johnson, wonky-faced and weird-accented Tory shill Fraser Nelson reckons he'll be around for a while yet simply because the Tories can’t decide who goes in the barrel next. Sunak? Truss? Raab? Nurse, quick! My sides!