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Tuesday 18 January 2022

Polecat Has Bozo In Check

While some in the Tory Party, and within our free and fearless press, remain in denial at the reality of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s predicament, out here in the real world it is becoming more and more obvious that Bozo is permanently tarnished, a dead politician walking. And it is down to one individual’s actions.

That person is former chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings, who appears to have amassed sufficient evidence of his time with Bozo to be able to guide anyone in the media prepared to listen to him to where the bodies are buried. It is down to him that we know of the 20th May 2020 party. And it is that party which could finally finish Bozo.

The PM has already stood before the Commons and claimed that he did not know that the party was actually a party, that he “believed implicitly” that it was a work meeting. Now he stands accused by the Polecat of lying when he made that claim, with a second prong of attack bringing yet more lockdown busting revelations from March 2020.

Bozo told the nation on March 23 that year “From this evening I must give the British People a very simple instruction - you must stay at home”. But the people at Tortois media claim that not only was the broadcast pre-recorded, but that Bozo went that day from Downing Street to Chequers. His then partner Carrie Symonds was also involved.

She allegedly went to Chequers on March 20 (apparently contravening the “non-essential travel” advice of March 16), then back to Downing Street on the 24th, back to Chequers on the 25th, and finally back to Downing Street on the 28th. It seems the last move was forced on her, as Chequers was forced to close following Covid related staff absences.

But it is the latest broadside from Cummings that is Bozo’s greatest problem. And this is his pitch: “The PM’s PPS invited people to a drinks party … The PPS was told to cancel the invite by at least two people … He checked with the PM whether the party should go ahead … The PM agreed it should … They both went to the party … It was actually a drinks party … The PM told MPs repeatedly that he had no idea about any parties”.

The Polecat’s conclusion was as straightforward as it was stark: “The events of 20 May alone, never mind the string of other events, mean the PM lied to Parliament about parties … Not only me but other eyewitnesses who discussed this at the time would swear under oath this is what happened”. Only one more piece of this jigsaw is now missing.

And that is the proof, the smoking gun email maybe, that backs up Cummings’ claim. It should be remembered that without that, Bozo will keep on trying to bluster his way out of it. So far, the Polecat has played this with the precision of a game of chess, gradually manoeuvring his opponent into a progressively tighter corner. If he has done that with an endgame in mind, then he has now to pony up the final piece of that jigsaw.

It may come via another of those anonymous and non-attributable leaks; he may make the move directly. What is becoming clear is that Bozo’s hold on the Premiership is at a tipping point: one sufficiently powerful shove and those Tory MPs who have so tenaciously backed him will fall away, leaving him exposed, alone - and facing removal from office.

Cummings has Bozo in check. The question now is - can he make it check mate?

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Anonymous said...

Methinks, Dom is in for a bout of trying to walk on water in a pair of concrete slippers.

Anonymous said...

Britain reduced to a tenth rate pr game by blue, red and yellow tories. Either that or an unfunny game of musical chairs by assorted charlatans and liars.

A sordid soap opera spectacle. A logical product of a greed-is-good nation.

Bozo more and more resembles Tricky Dicky Nixon in his final days. Since then the USA has gone even further down the toilet. The same fate awaits Britain. Those who think matters couldn't be worse aren't acquainted with the lessons of history.

Arnold said...

It's a dilemma isn't it? On the one hand, he's a liar. On the other, he's too stupid to recognise a drinks party when he sees one.

The Toffee (597) said...

Well, the special branch-detailed plod will know.

And if they're found to be lying when quizzed, sack AND jail them, too.

Anonymous said...

There is, of course, always the possibility that Bozo is right and everyone else wrong. But I wouldn't make book on it.

Ben Lapointe said...

Interesting that earlier today, Raab, while backing Johnson, stated clearly that "lying to parliament" is a resigning matter. Johnson is still pushing that same lie.

Arnold said...

Actually he said "in normal circumstances, lying to parliament would be a resignation matter"
Unfortunately there's nothing normal about a party choosing a known serial liar to lead them, or for the UK to vote for one as PM. So that's Bozo off the hook.

Reggie_68 said...

Still no one is asking were Sunak was, he lives in the same building. I want to see the back of Bozo as much as anyone, but I feel we are being manipulated by the media again!!! Be careful what you wish for, just saying

Anonymous said...

To 09:07.

"Be careful what you wish for".


People wished for the Bozo Circus in 2019. They got their wish.