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Monday 10 January 2022

Oh Tommy Tommy - ON THE RUN

Despite being banned from Twitter and Facebook, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, is, it seems, not downhearted, and indeed is still active in campaigns targeting all those Scary Muslims™. To this end, he has focused on allegations of grooming in the general area of Telford. But this has, sadly but entirely predictably, turned out to be a campaign that has developed not necessarily to his advantage.

As Lennon is not on Twitter any more, it fell to his pal Daniel Thomas, aka Danny Tommo, the failed amateur comedy kidnapper, to tell the world “WE NEED HELP IN TELFORD TODAY! VICTIMS ARE BEING TARGETED BY THE PAKISTANI GROOMING GANGS!!!

Anyone for surveillance?

Eh? The Tweeter known as @fahaunty had more. “Robinson is claiming that as a result of his 'Rape of Britain' so-called investigation and upcoming video report one survivor's mother's home has been attacked and a number of other survivors' cars have been set on fire and is appealing for men to join him in Telford at midday” (thread HERE).

Lennon claimed the cops were doing nothing: he summoned his faithful supporters to a nearby Toby Carvery and they later gathered at the property allegedly attacked, openly publishing the address, which Zelo Street will not. Then, later, came an escalation: “Pakistani Gangs in Telford have blown up [Tommy Robinson’s] car!”.

Danny Tommo helpfully Tweeted out Lennon’s video, filmed in front of a local Police station. But where were the images of the supposedly blown up car? Where, indeed, was the Police incident reference? Where were the arrests? Were there any arrests? Well, later on, there was an arrest. One of Lennon’s gofers had been arrested.

The reason, it seems, is illegal activity was undertaken, allegedly on behalf of Lennon, and that activity is surveillance. @fahaunty is again on the case: “A member of Robinson's surveillance team has been arrested by [West Mercia Police] for alleged harassment, his van, surveillance equipment and computer have been seized and his bail conditions include being banned from entering Shropshire. Robinson is not happy and is hiding”.

Why so? "From my understanding of the law, Robinson's use of covert surveillance and tracking of members of the public is illegal. If correct this could lead to additional charges, including charges against Robinson who employed individuals to carry out the covert surveillance on his behalf”. Vigilantism is against the law. Who knew?

Lennon may not have, but he does now. But he remains defiant, claiming in a video that lawyers acting for some of his targets are trying to stop his upcoming film being aired. However, he adds, “Right now, the location I’m at, you can’t do that”. He knew “the Police would try to prevent this”, thus confusing policing and legal action.

You might have arrested one of our team. You gave him bail conditions preventing him from continuing his work [banned from Shropshire, he means]”. And the cops are going to arrest him, he claims - but “There will be instructions given to air the film the minute I’m arrested”. So he’s on the run, and making threats against the Police, which will, with the certainty of night following day, not end well for him. Or any of his gofers.

Stephen Lennon may be heading for his own last roundup. Just rejoice at that news.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww bless his little neo-fash socks. Poor chap must be hard up what with him no longer being on twitter and hardly anyone remembering who the fuck he is.

He'll be off selling plastic wobbly headed virgin marys next on some obscure christo-fash web radio show at the rate he's diving in to obscurity.

"Me car blew up, buy this virgin mary for 9.99 in two easy payments of 6.99 to make god and racists happy again."

Strange how no one has seen his blown up car, you'd have thought that someone with his neo-fash media clout would have managed to get the papers to pick up a car torching... shocked that Andrew Neils Spectator hasn't run with it (or that bloke with the massive forehead's alt-contrarian publication); that kind of fash knocking copy is usually right up their street.

Oh well, in other far more important news than the Tommeh bullshit show - night turns in to day, read all about it.

Anonymous said...

Haven't laughed so much since the wannabe nazi racist last had his collar felt.

There's a "play" in this for hard up tory propagandists. Who are ten-a-penny.

Arnold said...

Rape victims are entitled to anonymity. Something that seems to be of little interest to Tommy if he's published the address of one.

Anonymous said...

Well, Arnold, given the history of Tommy and his cult followers, intimidation of rape victims is nothing new to them!

Mr Larrington said...

We already know Tiny Tommeh Ten-Names doesn’t give a stuff for the victims as he's perfectly happy to jeopardise the trials of those accused of such crimes. Given the length and variety of the criminal micromind's rap sheet one would think he'd have learned to consider the possible consequences of his actions by now, but clearly forward thinking is not the hate goblin's strongest suit.

Anonymous said...

The grubby rat and his apologists and fellow-travellers represent everything that has gone wrong in this country. It will take years to restore decency. Their evil has deep roots.

Anonymous said...

Ye want Shakira law

Mr Larrington said...

I'm in favour of Swedish lorries, like TV's Guy Martin. I want Scania law.

Anonymous said...

Whilst there are rapists and abusers on all sides, there is such a 'look over there, not here' vibe about these people. Why is it that so many stories later come out about these 'white saviours ' that link them to child sex abuse and rape allegations later on. It's almost as if they're projecting, isn't it? Besides which, I can assure Me Lennon that the man who broke into my bedroom and raped me was white. And had an Essex accent. The man who flashed me in an underpass was white. The boss who plied me with drinks then placed my hand where I didn't want it to go was white. Yes, my boundaries were damaged but I suppose Mr Lennon would just say I was asking for it.

Anonymous said...

I've not laughed so hard since Streicher hit the trapdoor on the way through.