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Sunday 16 January 2022

Piers Morgan Still Obsessed

For reasons best known to its management, the BBC today invited former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan to review the papers on the temporary replacement for The Andy Marr Show™, Sunday Morning, hosted by Sophie Raworth. This gave him the opportunity to promote his upcoming daily “global” TV show, for which it is alleged he is being paid, along with a regular Sun column, £50 million over the next three years.

And what's more, Ron ...

So what positives would he bring to the studio? What reasons would he give sceptical viewers to tune in to The All-New Percy Moron Show™? What would a seasoned and experienced broadcaster have done? What would a sensible person have done? What would Nietzsche have done? They might not, whisper it quietly, have bored the audience crapless with the parading of sad obsession. Which is what Morgan duly did.

The Great Man was not doing too well on the news du jour: he was all for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson doing the decent thing and resigning (as if), but when Ms Raworth bowled him a curve ball, mentioning that Morgan was now at the Sun, asking why the paper appeared reluctant to cover Partygate and mentioning the presence there of one James Slack, the stream of confident hot air suddenly dried up.

Piers who?

Sad to say, it started up again as soon as the word Sussex was pitched. Haz and Megs are apparently considering a UK visit - along with their family. As the BBC has reported, “Prince Harry is seeking a judicial review against a refusal of the Home Office to allow him to personally pay for police protection when in the UK. The US-based Duke of Sussex says his private security team does not have adequate jurisdiction abroad”.

There was more. “Prince Harry wants to personally fund police protection, ‘not to impose on the taxpayer’ … [He] is arguing that his private security team cannot replicate the work of police protection in the UK, with their access to local intelligence and legal jurisdiction … A statement said: ‘Prince Harry inherited a security risk at birth, for life. He remains sixth in line to the throne, served two tours of combat duty in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been subjected to well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats'”.

Yeah, Piers who?

None of that troubled Morgan. It was “these two” causing more trouble and embarrassment for the Queen (Gawd Bless ‘Er). He didn’t care that Haz was offering to foot the bill, and went on a rant about how the Sussexes were making hundreds of millions of Dollars, while not seeing that Himself was making many millions of dosh, too.

The bonhomie, the chatty nature of his earlier pronouncements on Bozo and Partygate, had vanished. It was as if a switch had been flicked: the red mist descended and off he went. It was the same red mist that saw him flouncing off the ITV Good Morning Britain set after Alex Beresford tried to point out the obsessiveness of his Sussex rants.

It looks as if Morgan is still hung up on Megs blanking him. But that is over, and it isn’t coming back. She isn’t going to reappear at the Scarsdale Tavern. She doesn’t secretly fancy him. She hasn’t mentioned him since, because she’s not interested. That will not change. But it will mean he wasted his opportunity to plug his show on Sunday Morning. Because all viewers will remember is him going off on one at the Sussexes. Again.

It was obsession on GMB. It’s still obsession now. And maybe it ain’t worth £50 million.

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Anonymous said...

Morgan is one fucking loony nutjob.

And so is anyone who hires him or who believes anything he peddles.

Mr Larrington said...

With all those millions Haz'n'Megs are alleged to be raking in, the fact that they haven’t paid a hit-man to put colossal bellend Piers “Morgan” Moron deep inside the concrete infrastructure of HS2 is surely proof that the only person who cares about Moron's supposed vendetta with Meghan is the colossal bellend himself.

Mark Hayhurst said...

In, Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution, I deal with this very phenomenon; the media star who comes to fall foul of his own hype.

I appreciate Morgan for being even handed with the terror that Corbyn might have unleashed, perhaps unwillingly, but he is past his sell by date now.

Ben Lapointe said...

You keep asking the question, but what *would* have Nietzhe done? ;-)

(Apart from shaking his head in total disbelief of course)

Unknown said...

Moron has got a bit upset at Twitter users for the infamous picture of him with convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, so bad have the toys been thrown from his cot than him blocking numerous people takin the absolute Michael out of our hero..

Anonymous said...

@ 14:35.

It's tory trolls like you who are well past their sell buy date.

Love it that Jeremy Corbyn still winds you up tighter than a gnat's arse.

Unknown said...

Fish called Wanda.

No-one actually cares what Nietzsche would do but it's assumed to be not stupid. See also "The London Underground is not a political movement"

Anonymous said...

Think you're obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Meghan and Harry didn't give a toss what he thinks or says about them. So why do so many leap to their defence against him on their behalf?

Stephen said...


Death threats, egged on by people like Morgan, maybe.

The hatred seems out of all proportion; you ask them why and they have no idea.

Anonymous said...

@ 19:36.

More than a bit twisted, that. Like something straight from the Daily Heil School of Bullshit.

It's not a matter of "defending Meghan and Harry". They can and do take care of themselves.

It's about exposing Moron for the destructive, lying, tenth rate gobshite he is. Which would apply whoever is target is.

Ben Lapointe said...

Thanks for telling where the reference is from! I never watched it.