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Saturday 1 January 2022

Jan Moir - 2021’s Worst Columnist

Now that 2022 is upon us, we can look back at 2021 in all its less than total glory. And when it comes to less than glorious moments, nothing comes close to our free and fearless press. Those in the right-leaning part of the club have spent the past 12 months reinventing reality in order to cover for a Government so clumsy, malign and inept that had it been described a decade earlier, the tale would have been dismissed as fiction.

Jan Moir

To maintain the pretence that alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a wonderful human being, that Brexit is A Very Good Thing, that the UK is still some kind of world superpower, and that Covid-19 is not really killing tens of thousands of citizens, all this requires a unique skill set. A skill set that would be no use at all outside the hermetically sealed press bubble. But inside that bubble, it is richly rewarded.

Some of those thus rewarded are plainly dishonest and bad faith actors. Others merely know what their paper wants them to churn out, and oblige. As a result, their copy is ultimately forgettable. But from time to time, one of their number rises to the occasion, and produces something so bad that it is, well, bad. We had to wait until the very end of December for the very worst example. But it was worth the wait, or, maybe, not.

For it was not Desperate Dan Hodges who penned the worst column of 2021. Nor was it Richard Littlejohn recycling the kind of stuff he did back in the day at the Sun, where he recycled the kind of stuff he did before that at the Mail. Nor was it wacko Allison Pearson, or anyone else from the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph. No, the worst column of 2021 came from Jan Moir of the Mail. The subject matter is familiar to all.

Ghislaine Maxwell gave Epstein a sheen of respectability but if you strip away the private jets, it's the Rotherham and Rochdale grooming scandals all over again … guilty of sex trafficking schoolgirls, but she is also guilty of betraying her own sex in unforgivable ways”. Sounds like Ms Maxwell is going to get both barrels here. And then, and then.

The youngest victim in the Epstein/Maxwell scandal was 14, and most were in their mid to late teens. Which makes me wonder, at what age does someone move from child-victim status into a person who is responsible for their own actions?” One can imagine the sound of sub-editor heads hitting desks. But not at today’s Mail. And so she went there.

When she was 15, Greta Thunberg began the school strikes and public speeches, which made her an internationally recognised climate activist”. WHAT THE MERRY FUCK DOES GRETA THUNBERG HAVE TO DO WITH IT? Would Madam care to dig a little deeper? Er, yes she would. “Shamima Begum … was the same age (15) when she travelled 3,000 miles from London to Syria to become an Isis bride”. WHAT?!? JAN! WAKE UP!!

As if. “You cannot be both enlightened and misguided at the same time, whatever your age”. ER, HELLO, THIS IS IRRELEVANT. But such is the quality of today’s punditry - not unadjacent to rock bottom - that Ms Moir gets away with it. Not only that, but she may even get herself into contention for another of those equally irrelevant awards, where the good and great of the media class reassure one another that they are still wonderful.

In today’s topsy-turvy world, nursers and carers earn a pittance, while the likes of Jan Moir are paid a fortune to churn out mindless rubbish. The state of Britain in a nutshell.

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J said...

I just wonder what it is with all these people shilling for a nonce and a nonce supplier... its almost as if now that one has fallen they are all a bit worried that others somewhat closer might be next.

Which is why the MET refused to investigate the nonces flying backwards and forwards into the UK to nonce with UK school kids - wouldn't go down well if "very important people" also happened to be found out as being nonces supplied by nonce madams; but I'm sure the MET would argue that it doesn't investigate old offences that might impact on sweaty (or otherwise) nonces.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't require a "skill set" to peddle malevolent filth.

All it requires is a dead conscience.

At which point you get automatic entrance to British corporate media.

Disgusting dishonest liars and hypocrites thrive in it.

It's going to get worse too as they try to outdo each other. Such is the osmosis of moral corruption.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes the delightful Jan Moir ...


Like so many columnists she has form for spite and blaming others

I wonder why so many of these columinsts, like certain dwarf Tory politicians, are so nasty and often wonder if its because they have some defect like Exophoria (or being a fat dwarf or a thin skinned balding football fan) that makes them hate themselves and the only way they can feel better about themselves is through a process of transference onto someone else who isnt consumed by spite, bile. and self-hatred

Anonymous said...

Yet another far right tory woman with double chins.......

RodJ said...


Mark Hayhurst said...

A late contender for the worst take of the year. I have written extensively on this and the particular problems with the modern media, as distinct from the good old days.

Amy Hurkarsht. said...

Me and my husband Mark know what it's like to be rejected.

That's why we subscribe to the Daily Heil and its opinions. It's unfair to recall its Nazism and racism. Times have changed.

Mr Larrington said...

Of course you can be “both enlightened and misguided at the same time, whatever your age”. Doublethink is official government policy. 16 year olds are too young properly to understand the responsibility that goes with suffrage, but Shamima Begum knew exactly what she was doing when she went to Ira… oh, wait!

Anonymous said...

Easy to see why Moir is full of hate.

The aesthetic gene casino has dealt her an awful hand.

Anonymous said...

Aesthetic gene casino … hahaha love it ….
Perhaps the DM Ed’s could also consider a ‘Jans Dietary tips’ column ? Fat old trout.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the gene casino.
But I think it's the pie shop across the road.

iMatt said...

In that case, Ms Moir has made the argument for 16 and 17-year-olds to be given the vote. Besides, this is like saying that if we have a 14-year-old maths prodigy or chess genius, he or she is old enough to become a parent as a result!

Anonymous said...

Moir's looks match her IQ.

About minus 130 I'd say.

GregorPare said...