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Wednesday 5 January 2022

Ride The Wave - Tories Don’t Care

One might have thought that someone who had been seriously ill with Covid-19, and whose colleagues were prepared for the worst, but who had been fortunate to be treated when the NHS had the capacity to give him the attention he needed, would care about those who came after him, wanting them to have that same attention, that same standard of care. But that thought, it is now clear, would have been seriously misplaced.

Because in the case of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, we have an occupant of 10 Downing Street who is more concerned about placating the reality-denying wackos of his own party, the so-called Covid Recovery Group, named because its activities are highly likely to hold back and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, Bozo has, as so often, prioritised the survival in office of Himself Personally Now above the medics who saved his not inconsiderable bacon. So, faced with skyrocketing numbers of Covid infections, steep increases in the number of hospital admissions, and the erratic but upward trend in deaths data, he threw the NHS under the bus and once more hid behind another of his catchy Three Word Slogans.

This time, it wasn’t Get Brexit Done, or even Flatten The Curve. He knew that there was a huge wave of infections under way as the Omicron variant swept the UK, but also knew that the easy way out was to do nothing and so placate the libertarian hatstand brigade on his own back benches. He would do nothing. Everyone else had to Ride The Wave.

So it was that the obedient Murdoch doggies at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, or more specifically the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, still maintaining the pretence that he is a real journalist, have today told readers “WE CAN RIDE THE WAVE … PM vows to get through Omicron … No new curbs or school closures”. And, two things here.

Brutus Moriartus, this Cole is a bit of a crawler

, it is not Bozo who has to “get through Omicron”. It is the entire NHS, the entire transport system, the entire retail sector, and other entire sectors. And Two, once again we have a media class failing to competently interrogate its sources, or even hinting that someone at the top of Government should be taking responsibility for the mess.

Because mess is what it is: Bozo blusters “The NHS is under huge pressure … I won’t provide a definition of what being overwhelmed would constitute because I think that different trusts and different places, at different moments, will feel at least temporarily overwhelmed” and then shrugs his shoulders and adds “I just think we have to get through it as best as we possibly can”. Just so he can hold his Brexiteer Death Cult party together.

As the Guardian has put it, “Medics and scientists have been pressing Johnson for weeks to bring in restrictions beyond the advice for people to work from home and requirement for masks in shops and on public transport … But the prime minister would find it very difficult to get support for further measures in England from Tory backbenchers”.

Meanwhile, the BMA’s chair of council has put it directly: “The facts, figures and the living reality for thousands of patients and NHS staff daily demonstrate undoubtedly that the NHS is currently already overwhelmed”. But the Tory Party comes first for Bozo.

And the Tory Party couldn’t give a crap about the public. No change there, then.

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Anonymous said...

A civilised country would incarcerate loony mass murderers.

But this is Britain....where they are elected prime minister and given knighthoods.

Mr Larrington said...

“But the Tory Party comes first for Bozo”

Up to a point, Lord Copper. Even the Tory Party is a distant second to Bloody Stupid Johnson in Bloody Stupid Johnson's Big List of Priorities.

Anonymous said...

Make Covid Work

Anonymous said...

Brexiteer Death Cult - well only so long as its the deaths of others

I've said it before on Zelo and I'll say it again - your lives are meaningless to them and it is your lot in life to die for them

After all the short and flabby spaffer can't be a successful "war leader" like his hero Herr Trumpovich*, sorry, Churchill unless he has a pile of dead to accompany him into "history"

* Ever noticed how Mr Short-Arsed Flabby seems to mirror Herr Trumpovich in that both have an issue with thinning hair?

Anonymous said...

At least Johnson isn't continually contracting Covid like Starmer.

Serfing the UK - Scam & Gene said...

What The Sun should have printed: RIDE THE WAVE, SERFS

Anonymous said...

There's no difference between Johnson and Starter. Both wrap themselves in the flag and spout different versions of the same bullshit, all so they can swap seats in a corrupt system. Parliament has become nothing more than an expedient meeting place for organised lying and thievery. It has nothing to do with decency and genuine democracy.