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Saturday 15 January 2022

Complicit Press Can’t Let Bozo Go

The news that had been bad a week ago has now become dire: lockdown-busting parties were not some kind of occasional aberration in Downing Street, but a regular event, with at least one taking place every week. To assist in the provision of sufficient wine - the Parliamentary estate’s preferred route to oblivion - a fridge was delivered to hold more than 30 bottles of the stuff. Regular replenishment came from a nearby Tesco Metro.

And just to put the lid on alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s protestations of innocence, witnesses (plural) have told how he either joined in with, or at least encouraged, the gatherings. Faced with the reality of Bozo’s serial lawbreaking, and subsequent serially lying his way out of it, what would a sensible press pack have done? What would Nietzsche have done? But here a problem enters.

The straightforward response to the mounting revelations, and the clear contempt in which the Tories have held the little people, many of whom voted them into power, would be to tell their readers that the game was up, he’d run out of road, and duly throw the SOB under one of his vanity buses. But our free and fearless press can’t, and won’t, do that.


Because they are so heavily invested in The Adoration Of The Boris. They, the Tories, and, it increasingly appears, the Metropolitan Police, have merged into one big, happy and worryingly incestuous family. The cops saw nothing, and they won’t investigate. The press will keep on wiping Bozo’s arse for fear that their own party might come to an end.

So it was that today’s Sun and Mail attempted to deflect away from their hero: for the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, the pretend journalist inexplicably elevated to become Sun political editor, this task has been accomplished by lying. “Boris Johnson said sorry to the Queen yesterday” he claimed. Bozo did’t say sorry. Number 10 did.

Look over there at the Royals!

Then the deflection: “The apology piles pressure on Prince Andrew”. Fuck off. Just fuck right off. But thanks for letting us know that Creepy Uncle Rupe doesn’t yet think the time has come for him to anoint Bozo’s successor. Meanwhile, over at the Northcliffe House bunker, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre is reimposing himself on the Mail.

Only the Vagina Monologue (for it is he) has the brass neck to recycle an almost year-old non-story. “STARMER THE COVID PARTY HYPOCRITE … He was pictured drinking beer at indoor gathering when restrictions were in place. But guess what, he says it was a ‘work gathering’”. The blurry photo was run by the Sun last year. Is it beer? Who knows?

Look over there at last year's non story!

And, indeed, who cares? It hardly compares to the apparently regular descent into an advanced state of alcoholic derangement practised by Downing Street staff, other hangers-on, and a variety of Tory politicians including Bozo himself. The PM, meanwhile, is preparing to dump the blame on others within Number 10 and elsewhere, forcing them to resign so that he can save his skin. Which is something else the Mail and Sun won’t tell you.

All the while, Tory poll numbers are in freefall, the only silver lining being the stubbornly high percentage of Don’t Knows. This the right-wing press does not want to hear. So on goes the peddling of lame propaganda and the dumping on someone, anyone, else.

For press, politicians and Police, the message is clear: reality is a state of mind.

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Arnold said...

Why bring the Queen into it? Thousands of people retire or leave jobs every day, almost all involving leaving do's pre-Covid. Would knowledge of this one have upset her? No. Why should it? The idea that there was a period of national mourning was a figment of the media's imagination.

Anonymous said...

Over my working life I have had two managers who encouraged "team bonding" through alcohol. The first used his Friday morning team meeting to decide which local hostelry we would go to once the meeting finished.

The second used to encourage a meeting with different team members in the local pub almost every lunchtime.

It goes without saying both these individuals were raging alcoholics and these approaches allowed them to indulge in their favourite hobby whilst they were working.

The first boss used to top up during the day by visiting the gents and taking a swig from the bottle of Scotch hidden in the high level cistern.

It wouldn't surprise me if the encouragement of drinking in No 10 also allows a manager cover to indulge his favourite hobby.

Mr Larrington said...

Even squinting hard at a larger version of that Heil front page I wouldn’t want to stand up in court and swear on the Beano Annual that it depicts Sir Keeves, still less identity what the perp is drinking.

Anonymous said...

As at Hillsborough and Grenfell and other horrors, the Establishment-police connection is once again demonstrated.

How many more examples are required before even the most moronic dolt understands the sheer rottenness of the British state and its decaying "culture"?

So Bozo will be replaced....So WHAT? Is there anyone out there who REALLY thinks standby glove puppets like Truss/Sunak/Hunt or Starmer/Cooper/Streeting will make any worthwhile difference?

We've had 40 years now of a deliberately divided nation, where one tiny corner of the country has benefited from inflicted poverty on the rest, where the three main political parties either participated directly in these evil policies or went along with them.

Now we are asked to believe those same people who caused so much social destruction want to "level up" (itself a disgusting patronising term).

So no wonder the Bozo Clown Circus went into full celebratory overdrive. They knew their predecessors have created a nation of subservient mugs who believe implicitly all the propaganda shovelled down their throats by broadcast and print media.

This episode isn't a "tectonic shift" in politics. It's a rearrangement of the deckchairs on the Titanic.

All of which means a new diversion is now an urgent necessity for the culprits in Westminster, Whitehall and across the Atlantic in the White House, Pentagon and Langley. NATO and Toltenberg stand ready to deliver the "usual medicine".

Partygate?....Pffftt....An insignificant minor symptom of a poisonous faction fight.

As in 1914, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, London and the Met deserve each other.

Unknown said...

It's just a theiry, but maybe the fact that she buried her husband with far less in attendance than even the smallest "wine friday".

Fwiw we buried my wife's father and missed her 40th birthday party right aroun then too so for once I can empathize with betty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right on Arnold 11:22.

It's everyone else's fault that the Bozo Circus decided to hold all those pissups.

Well said.

Mr Larrington said...

So much for the Heil's amazing super exclusive scoop-o-rama — the story was published in The Sc*m last May. https://mobile.twitter.com/guse_guse/status/1482121013454323714 refers.

Mark Hayhurst said...

This comes up in my works time and time again: the errant knight, broken by time.

Boris Johnson has been broken by time. The right choice in 2019 maybe, not now.

As they say on RAWK from time to time, he's got to go.

Unknown said...

If this had been Jeremy Corbyn and his staff, we would have had none stop wall to wall coverage 24/7 via News 24 by Laura Kuenssberg, the Met launching several criminal investigations, the RW PLP demanding blood.
But as it's Boris Johnson, Laura is quieter than a mouse, the RW press muted and the Tory party divided.

Anonymous said...

@ "Mark Hayhurst" 20:32.

More than a bit thick, you. Even by tory "standards".