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Monday 11 October 2021

Jeremy Vine And The Covidiots

Here on Zelo Street, the campaign of intimidation mounted against his detractors by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was chronicled as it continued without law enforcement authorities doing too much about it - until Lennon went after journalist Lizzie Dearden and her partner. Then the Met took action.

Jeremy Vine

That campaign, and the manner in which law enforcement authorities called time on it, came to mind when the assembled idiocy of the anti-vax fringe began its own adventure into harassment and intimidation. The Chester chapter of the movement occupied the city’s library and threatened schoolteachers over giving students the Covid-19 vaccine.

As with Stephen Lennon, nothing was done about it. But all that may be about to change, after two interconnected events yesterday. One was a visit by the Covidiots to the home of broadcaster Jeremy Vine, and the other a declaration made by one of their number immediately afterwards - a declaration threatening and creepy in equal measure.

Vine was not at home. But his wife was: “I'm not at home at the moment, so these guys just served an ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my wife instead. They are angry at the BBC’s #CovidVaccine reporting. They were polite, for which I'm grateful, but coming to my home on a Sunday? And I'm a little unnerved by the heavy breathing too”. There was more.

Behold Mick the Covidiot braggart

I have only just seen this: if my wife hadn't accepted the ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my behalf, this group waiting near my house would then have ‘taken the whole street.’ The original video shows street name and house number really clearly. Always happy to engage but not like this”. The similarity with Lennon threatening to come back every night is all too clear.

But it was the creepy and threatening pronouncement after Vine’s wife was served with the fake “writ” that may finally see the Met get off its corporate backside. A video now live on Facebook features an individual called Mick who confirms the serving of the “writ”. He then becomes rather full of himself - maybe a little too full - and makes this claim.

The thing is, guys, listen - we know their home address. We’ve got everybody’s address. We’ve got every MP’s address, we’ve got every councillor’s address, we’ve got every judge’s address, and we’ve got everyone who works for the mainstream media’s address. There’s people in the resistance working in all walks of life”. Then it gets really creepy.

We can get every piece of information that we need, so we’ve got everyone’s address, and everyone will be served, peacefully and respectfully, but they will be served. We are coming to your home address, guys”. Peaceful and respectful. Rather like that “polite conversation” that Stephen Lennon claimed he wanted with his targets.

Moreover, this is clearly more than a mere local campaign: the placards displayed in Chester, and in the North Wales town of Rhyl, are of an identical format to those being waved at passing cars in London. Worse, the disciples of this cult are anything but peaceful in intent, with some of those commenting on Facebook talking of “[taking] this **** out”, and another saying “Wait until we come with the noose Jeremy”.

These people are perhaps a little more scary than they are first appear” concluded Vine. Dead right they are. So when are the cops going to wake up and take action?

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Anonymous said...

I've no time for Vine - he is, after all, nothing but another BBC tory mouthpiece - but this kind of sickening and threatening behaviour is beyond the pale.

I hope the culprits are treated to the full weight of fair justice.

Yet how ironic it would be if the police only took action because it is Vine.

No action at all, of course, against far right corporate media scumbags who incite this sort of thing. If there was, a substantial number of "journalists" would find themselves doing time with assorted other thieves and gangsters. Not that it will ever happen in a society rigged in favour of hypocrisy and kleptomania.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note (no need to authorise) that's not facebook. I believe its telegram aka nazigram (so named because its filled with actual neo-nazi and white supremacist groups and is where Tommeh Throbingtwat likes to hang with his racist nazi friends).

Jim said...

Let’s hope these mugs don’t hold up a few cars on the M25 for a few minutes, if they did the establishment would really come after them Radio phone ins wall to wall,headlines calling for them to be banged up for life etc.

Anonymous said...

We are getting them in rural villages and along the Sussex coast. They are not only a pest, but are literally endangering people. It is time to stop this - People should be able to exercise their choice over getting vaccinated without being subjected to intimidation.

Anonymous said...

End care in the community, bring back asylums, and fill them with these morons!

GeeBee said...

I'm no lover of Mr Vine, but this behaviour is beyond the pale and action needs to be taken by the police.

Anonymous said...

They've even got their own newspaper! I found one on a bus, it's called "the light" which I think is rhyming slang.

RodJ said...

They can't be terrorists, they're white!

David Walsh said...

According to today's Times, the guy in the video is one Michael Manoel Chaves. The Centre for Countering Digital Hate says that Chaves is the leader of Learn Something New Today, a group which believes that Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, is a murderer, vaccinations will kill children and Joe Biden is not human. Before the start of the pandemic Chaves had released videos covering conspiracy theories on topics including 9/11, crop circles and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Imran Ahmed, of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, said: “By continuing to host radicalising conspiracist content, big tech is knowingly enabling the organised abuse of public figures and damaging trust in the institutions tasked with putting an end to this pandemic. Extremists want to intimidate people to silence them because they can’t win on the arguments and broadcasters or journalists don’t wish to give them the oxygen of publicity, instead issuing mumbo-jumbo legal documents and bellowing threats.”

iMatt said...

Perhaps Vine could not invite anti-vax nutters and right-wing conspiracy loons on his show Ch5 show willy-nilly in future.