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Monday 5 April 2021

Oh Tommy Tommy - NICKED AGAIN

Problems continue to mount for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson: right now, he has either been nicked, or is about to be nicked. Why this state of affairs has come to pass can be put directly: conditions were imposed on him at a court hearing last month, and it seems he has failed to comply with those conditions.

As Press Gazette told at the time, “[Lennon] was on Friday [19 March] handed a temporary stalking prevention order against Independent home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden and her boyfriend Samuel Partridge”. And the conditions? “The order prevents Robinson, who lives in Bedfordshire, from contacting Dearden and her partner or publishing anything about them on social media unless referring to her as the author when responding to any story written by her”. But The Great Man just couldn’t help himself.

He took part in a podcast with writer and promoter Steve Wraith, the contents of which will not be linked to - because as a result of that podcast being aired, the Metropolitan Police are now in hot pursuit of Lennon. Wraith has claimed more than once thatHe mentioned the journalist’s name. He did not know he wasn’t allowed to”. But Lennon himself has now put out a video where he admits his arrest is imminent.

The Police have raided my Mother’s house [and] been to my ex-wife’s house. I have a warrant out for my arrest, for the Steve Wraith podcast. Now, if you’ve watched that podcast, ask yourself this: should there be any law, in any way, that should prevent me speaking, and simply giving facts? Should there?” And there was more.

I wasn’t even aware there was … but I’ve got a warrant out for my arrest. I’ve been told that I will … my solicitor’s tried to make an appointment for him to come and see you [presumably ‘you’ means the cops]. No, because … but I’m not going to be bailed by the Police, they said, so I’ll be held … I’m tired of it all, to be honest. It’s ridiculous. Watch that podcast back [unwise suggestion] with Steve Wraith and ask yourself if there’s anything in there that a man should be getting charged, getting arrested, and imprisoned for”.

Well, I’m all broken up about Lennon being “tired of it all”. I suspect that the bloke who lost his job at that solicitor’s office in Luton, because Lennon and his pals kept turning up there, is also “tired of it all”. I expect that the family in Cumbria who had Lennon and his fellow thugs on their doorstep in the dead of night are “tired of it all”.

Mike Stuchbery may also be “tired of it all”. That SNP MP whose surgery was disrupted might also be “tired of it all”. Lizzie Dearden and her partner, the subjects of the order taken out against Lennon, are clearly “tired of it all”. And as someone who’s had Lennon rock up at 2200 hours banging on the front door, I’m definitely “tired of it all”.

Steve Wraith may not have been aware of the conditions imposed on Stephen Lennon by that Judge at Westminster Magistrates Court last month. But Lennon certainly should be. It seems he’s broken them, and so he is in the process of getting nicked. Again.

Stephen Lennon’s little Wild West Show is finally over. Just rejoice at that news.

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Mr Larrington said...

I understand that Ms Dearden has form for winding up members of the Gammonati; last November it was James “Bedwetter” Goddard. This is a laudable trait for a journalist to have, and should be encouraged.

Anonymous said...

I suspect said Lennon knobhead will get "tired of it all" even quicker if he gets banged up 23 hours a day with a priapic Sweet Pants.

He's got it coming, if you see what I mean.

gillette said...

Ex wife? Is this the latest or a previous? I think we should be told, as Lord Gnome would say. I have long wondered why Lennon manages to keep custody of any children too

Unknown said...

Ex wife?

Sudden divorce, transfer of assets, bankrupt Tommy?

It's almost like someone won a huge settlement against him and he's trying to avoid paying.

Anonymous said...

Tommy R ... the poor mans norman wisdom ....

J said...

"ex wife"... I think what he really means is: "my wife who's pretending to be an ex so that I can hide my money in her bank account for when I get clobbered in court."

I do hope the courts actually do their job, and go after it all. Every last damn penny. And that they don't fall for the oldest con job in the world: "its not my money". I mean, even the mob doesn't get away with that rubbish these days. If he does get away with it; then it proves he's deffo been a police informant all this time.

Anonymous said...

This is just what the Goblin Smurf King does. Grifts from his dim-witted flag nonce followers, spunks it all on coke, fast cars and prostitutes, shits himself then takes bad law breaking advice from his coke addled narcissist brain, comes down and shits himself even more before falling out with his brain, then in a state of despair does something stupid while knowing the risks and pretending he doesn't, before finally pulling the same old free speech bullshit to the same old dim-witted flag nonce followers followed by the obligatory and predictable, customary crying faced TR plea "sow if yow can help me aht, please downate, anyfing at all to help me foight this injustiss.. oi onnistly hate ta ask but oi downt ave a choiss.. oim countin on ya.. please downate... anyfing at all.. bye".

He's nothing but a grubby, shameless little conman who spotted a gap in the bigoted, far-right, racist UK market and exploited it to the full. The fact that he isn't doing a long stretch speaks volumes about him and this country.

SteveHolmes11 said...

E's a villain sir.
Rap sheet as long as yer arm.

Jonathan said...

Seems Mr Yaxley-Lennon does complain far too much, seems he either he is unable to learn from his mistakes or he sees himself as a 'Freedom Fighter'.

Anonymous said...

@ 17.30 ... if this is supposed to be a parody it’s a shame, cause you’re actually mail on the head about every single point you make. Well done cock.

Donny Robertson said...

Oh Tommy Tommy.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy you're a liar son.

Anonymous said...

@ 22:56 lol Cheers.