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Wednesday 20 October 2021

GB News Platforms Known Fascist

Despite the upbeat talk of its boss Angelos Frangopoulos, it’s well known that Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) is desperate to attract viewers. Just how desperate was demonstrated yesterday when junior motormouth Patrick Christys counted one Jack Buckby among his guests, calling him a “counter-extremism researcher”.

'People on the right are so scared of being smeared as being far-right extremists to the point where they say the far-right doesn't exist’ … [Jack Buckby], counter-extremism researcher, praises Patrick Christys for talking about extremism” told the GB News Twitter feed. Yes, GB News is so desperate for praise that it solicits it from a known fascist.

How well known? Here’s the Liverpool Tab’s take: “Jack Buckby, who studied Politics at the University but was expelled in 2013, is set to force a by-election in the Batley and Spen constituency, having stated that the Labour seat should not go unchallenged after the murder of MP Jo Cox in Yorkshire this week”. He stood for Liberty GB.

Jack Buckby (at right) with Nick Griffin

This was “an ‘Anti-Islamisation’ party that calls itself a ‘radical patriotic conservative’ organisation …He also suggested that the Labour party had ‘duped working class people’ and were walking into the by-election completely uncontested with ‘smug little grins on their faces’”. He Tweeted “if #BritainFirst Jo Cox shooting rumour is true , it’s either moronic BF damaging our cause as always, or false flag from #Remain campaign”.

Jack Buckby with Jack Renshaw, who is now serving a life sentence for conspiring to murder an MP and a serving Police Officer

Examiner Live
had this nugget. “A far-right activist who stood as a candidate in the Batley & Spen by-election caused revulsion on live TV after a racist outburst at a student campaigner. Former BNP member Jack Buckby was slated by viewers for launching into a rant on Channel 4 news in which he said to Barabra Ntumy: ‘Take in a Syrian refugee, I hope you don’t get raped’”. Buckby got 1.1% of the vote and lost his deposit.

And this is what Buckby said about the BNP. “I initially got involved with the BNP in high school. I wasn’t very political, but I had my opinions, as everyone does. I saw Nick Griffin and the real bias that he was facing on the television and I thought, 'That can’t be right.' I did my own research and thought, 'Shit, I agree with him. He actually seems like a good bloke.' I started supporting it and went through college being the notorious BNP guy. It was later that I met Nick and started talking about these culturist ideas”.

So now he’s attempted to reinvent himself as a “counter-extremism researcher”. Louise Raw, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, was not convinced. “Jack Buckby? Who called for TERROR ATTACKS on the Netherlands? Who was in the BNP like fascist terrorist David Copeland - who in turn helped radicalise the murderer of Jo Cox MP?” There was more.

Mike Stuchbery, who like me was the target of harassment by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, asked “Why are you giving a platform to the guy who called the murder of Jo Cox a 'false flag’?” UAF concluded “Disgraceful from [GB News] … A known fascist with despicable views on the murder of Jo Cox & much more that should shame [GB News], who clearly did no background checks here”.

I’m not sure. My take is that GB News knew exactly who they were inviting on. They, and especially Patrick Christys, should hang their heads in shame. But they won’t, because they don’t feel any. Thus the level of desperation to which GB News has sunk.

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J said...

Jack Fuckby is the living embodiment of the meme where the MAGA goes full nazi because someone dared to point out that a lot of the MAGA's were racist... https://twitter.com/jamesdoleman/status/1450513391840288776/photo/2)

Heck hes now written a book saying the only reason he was a full on fash nazi was cos the left hurty-worty his feels.

So not exactly renounced his earlier fascism, but rather blamed others for his being a fash nazi.

Even the Spectator only had him write one article before they dumped him (and the Spectator love their nazi's and bigging up the fash)... and yet GBAnon has him on as an anti-radicalisation expert (who wasn't actually de-radicalised because he just blames the left for his nazi'ism).

Guess they have to keep upping the fash stakes to stand still and this is just basically GBAnon doing the broadcast equivalent of hate click articles.

Honestly Gammon Bastard News really has now become the news of the actual National Front. No more jokes, its gone full NAZI and you should never go full NAZI.

Anonymous said...

Any day now.... more "Hurrah for the blackshirts!"

It's the next "logical" step.

anon said...

That side parting looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

Corporate fascist thugs employ fascist thug.

If it's "good" enough for the Daily Heil, Murdoch Scum, Murdoch Slimes, Barclays Beobachter, Daily Torygraph, BBC, ITN and Sky......