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Wednesday 27 October 2021

TalkRADIO And The Concrete Blob

Down there in the broadcast media noise floor, the competition is now on for the host who can come up with the most breathtaking exhibition of stupidity, such is the desperation brought on by the search for ratings. And while the convocation of low-grade numpties at Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) may have thought that title was theirs for the taking, along has come a TalkRADIO host to declare “hold my beer”.

Blobby blobby blobby

To no surprise at all, the Murdoch outpost presenter scraping beyond the bottom of the barrel has been (definitely has-been) dribbling bigot Mike Graham, the Mr Blobby of TalkRADIO. Not only has he made an idiot of himself, or perhaps that should read “even bigger idiot of himself than usual”, he has doubled down on his idiocy in no style at all.

The background to this popcorn-fest can be put directly: Graham invited on to his show a supporter of Insulate Britain. This did not go well: Graham asked what his guest did for a living, maybe hoping to hear that he was unemployed so there could then be a judgmental rant. But the guest was a self-employed carpenter, working with sustainable materials. His trade involved cutting down trees, but new trees could be grown in their place.

He's been watching one of these. Allegedly

You can’t grow concrete” he chided Graham. The Great Man disagreed. He asserted that you could indeed grow concrete. He clung to this position unswervingly, and cut off the interview in short order. And so began the modern legend that is the Concrete Blob.

You think I jest? Graham then went on the TalkRADIO show hosted by the disgraced Jeremy Kyle to advance the proposition that concrete can indeed be grown. “They’re all going, he’s so stupid, he doesn’t know that concrete doesn’t grow. I mean, they really think that. They actually think that”. No, they know that. Because it doesn’t grow.

But there was more. “Well, if you have ever seen someone making concrete, in a concrete mixer, I don’t know if you’ve ever watched anybody doing that, but basically you put sand in, you put water in, you know, cement goes in [nowt gets past him, eh?], you know, you make concrete, it expands, it grows”. It intercoursing well doesn’t.

This, though, was enough for whoever was managing the TalkRADIO Twitter feed. The exchange between Kyle and the Concrete Blob was packaged up and Tweeted out with the biscuit-taking comment “‘Concrete grows.’ Mike Graham responds to the controversy surrounding his Insulate Britain interview this morning, which has attracted over three million views”. Perhaps someone who knows their concrete could put him straight?

Leon Black, who you can tell as he’s a doctor, was that person. He’s a Professor of infrastructure materials, so you can guess what was coming: “As a Professor of Concrete, can I please point out that this is utter bollocks. Concrete contracts upon curing. It does not grow in any sense”. Concrete Blob duly Pwned by the Concrete Prof!

When Mike Graham went on Jeremy Kyle’s show, he was presented as a “TalkRADIO legend”. And so he is: the legend that is now the Concrete Blob. What a complete tosser.

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Anonymous said...

At first I did indeed think you made haha, Tim. Yea, even unto pissing meself.

Then reality hit: the loony far right tory goon *really did* claim "concrete grows".

The insanity deepens and, er, grows in the far right mentality.

Gawd help us all.

J said...

I love how he tries to act all hard threatening to "destroy" people... bloke looks like a jelly that has failed to set properly and some how gained the sentience of a wet lettuce (my apologies to all the wet lettuces out there).

Its amazing how he talked the guy who's guests killed themselves, through lack of support after being baited, to back him up as he dug the hole even further.

Then he bigged up the views, as if 98 out of 100 views were from people going "That stupid effing fat jelly; what a fecking moron".

Anyways... what time is the paint drying vid being aired, as I'm sure that will be far more interesting and educational than watching Archibald Michael Graham blobbing his many - many, many, many - jowls while having his arse handed to himself.

Anonymous said...

Sand and cement alone does not make concrete either, it also needs fine and/or coarse aggregate to be called concrete. All you get otherwise is mortar, grout or other similar materials that lack the strength for which concrete is useful.

Anonymous said...

Concrete certainly does 'grow'.

It's all over the bloody place...

Malcolm Redfellow said...

This episode has made me, for very first time, engage with talkRadio. Three questions:
1. Is it this pig-ignorant on a daily, hourly basis?
2. Can GB News (equally a totally blank page to me) really be worse?
3. Who, what finances this crap?

Anonymous said...

You keep thinking Graham-type idiocy can't get any worse.

But it does....every day.

M Graham said...

Bloody Insulate Britain protestors should be sent to Nigeria to harvest in the concrete plantations and protect my large investment in that country's sustainable produce.

Arnold said...

Probably believes that spaghetti grows on trees too.

Nigel Stapley said...

'Concrete' is the perfect metaphor for the mind of Mike Graham, in that it is thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.

Arnold said...


Frank Lyons. said...

Do people who criticise GBNEWS ever listen to the station? I've dipped in and out of it daily since it's launch and have never heard anything hateful said by anybody. Mike Graham regularly refers to TalkRadio as being the home of free-speech. I've heard him, on several occasions, end conversations prematurely with callers who disagree with him and the claim that it's the fastest growing station on the planet is simply ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

To 13:44.

It isn't necessary to eat an entire rotten apple to know it's rotten.

And GBN is so rotten it will soon decompose completely.