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Thursday 14 October 2021

Oh Tommy Tommy - NOW A STALKER

It took the blatant harassment of a journalist to wake up the law enforcement authorities to the little wild west show of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, but after they finally did take the threats and intimidation seriously, the courts did the rest. Lennon was yesterday handed a five year stalking protection order after he turned up at the address of the Independent’s home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden.

As the Guardian has reported, “[Lennon] went to the property of the Independent’s home affairs correspondent Lizzie Dearden and her boyfriend, Samuel Partridge, in January of this year. Westminster magistrates court heard he stood outside Dearden’s house and shouted unsubstantiated allegations about Partridge”. There was more.

The court previously heard Robinson had hired a private investigator to find information out about Dearden after a request for comment she made, through his solicitors, on a story alleging that he misused money donated by his supporters. [Magistrate Tam Ikram] said that after obtaining Dearden’s address, Robinson had arrived around 10pm, calling for her to come to the door and shouting claims that Partridge was a paedophile”.

And the Independent’s own report is yet more damning: “Deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram said he did not find Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, to be a ‘credible witness’ … [he also] said the journalist had ‘simply reported the words of a judge/court proceedings’”. Lennon, using the same excuse he has put forward for previous door-steppings, claimed she had “told lies about him”. In reality, he was the one lying.

There was more. “His intimidating behaviour late at night and his screaming, shouting and swearing outside the address, undermines that suggestion [that Lennon was ‘calm’] … He says he was calm. The independent witnesses who were not challenged as to their evidence all say otherwise”. Note the “intimidating behaviour late at night” bit.

Because “intimidating behaviour late at night” is part of the Lennon Modus Operandi, unless he can do more damage rocking up during the day, as he did by appearing at SNP MP Stewart McDonald’s constituency surgery. Held at a library. Not unlike the constituency surgery that Jo Cox was about to hold when she was murdered.

Lennon also appeared during the day at a solicitor’s office in Luton. So many times that one of those employed there was forced to resign his job. Otherwise it’s been late night intimidation. Like it was with the family of a student in Cumbria. Like it was with Mike Stuchbery. And like it was with me (on two occasions). And he always turns up mob-handed. The thugs he had in tow on his trip to Cumbria were a particularly nasty lot.

But now he’s been given a five year stalking protection order, all of that will come to an end. Unless Stephen Lennon would like to become the subject of more than one stalking protection order. I suspect Stewart McDonald and Police Scotland will take another visit from The Great Man seriously enough for Lennon to get hit with another such order. And if the SOB turns up on my doorstep again, he can count on my making it three.

Once, Twice, Three Times A Stalker. A 70s soul classic reworked just for Stephen Lennon.

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Anonymous said...

There's less to "Robinson" than meets the eye. He's a tin drummer, an unintentionally funny noisy clown with the mentality of a Chihuahua and the intelligence of a welly.

Mr Larrington said...

Lizzie Dearden took an axe…