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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Farage US Speaking Tour FLOPS

Now that his job is done, and the UK has ceased to be an EU member state, former UKIP and later Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage appears to have found himself at a loose end, and so, with no MEP salary and expenses coming in, he has embarked on a “Speaking Tour” of the USA, where right-leaning voters allegedly love him.

Farage, the US public is told, “forced the Conservative party to hold a referendum on European Union membership. In June 2016, Farage was a leading figure in the campaign to leave. This gained him the name ‘Mr Brexit’ by Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump, whom he supported at a rally on the campaign trail”. There was more.

Nigel Farage was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections and was the first foreign politician to meet the newly elected President in Trump Tower just days after his historic win”. But “In early 2019, he was forced back into Westminster politics in order to stop the Brexit betrayal”.

Now, with an increasing number of those who voted to Leave realising that they were conned, Mr Thirsty has wisely left the country, but he has not escaped the attention of all those voters who had their freedoms removed and their dreams trashed, some of whom have realised that tickets to see The Great Man shooting his mouth off are free.

And so it came to pass: just as with the time when Farage was down to be support act for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump and ended up speaking to an empty car park after the free tickets were snapped up by K-Pop fans, so UK Tweeters have let him know just how grateful they are that he is somewhere else. “Great news everyone, there’s still LOADS of free tickets available for Nigel Farage’s big speaking tour across America” said one.

There was more. A lot more. "For more fun, Nige Farago is doing some speaking appearances in the USA. Tickets are available to book online. Wouldn't it be dreadful if it got booked up by people who had no intention of attending? … Tickets are free. Some people are booking tickets (max 2 per person) and planning not to turn up so he will be speaking to an empty hall. You know what to do!” They certainly did.

Apparently, a whole bunch of people are booking tickets to opportunistic grifter Nigel Farage's US speaking tour - but have no intention of going. Shocking behaviour! On a totally unrelated note, here's the link for said tickets … Free (but limited) tickets, anyone can book them, you don't need to confirm or anything. I've booked several for my friends: Edina Clouds, Dave Reckning and Mick Sturbs”. Ho ho very droll.

Pittsburgh Marriott - may not be so full

Indy100 has now reported thatFree tickets for Nigel Farage’s US tour are being reserved by people with no intention of showing up … numerous people are trolling the Brexiteer by signing up for the free tour, and taking spaces from people who may - for some reason - be interested in what Farage has to say”. The London Economic was not optimistic.

"The tour, which launches today at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott, is aimed at inspiring 'thousands of activists' to 'take back America for the working class people'. But after the link to the talk went viral on social media, it looks like the only thing Farage will be inspiring is empty chairs". Cincinnati tonight, and who knows? What a deserving chap.

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Anonymous said...

He's running out of options.

Nothing else for it....he'll have to join the rest of the rictus grinning dickheads in the far right tory party.

jengiscan said...

over 60 tickets.....but as fate would have it i spent the evening picking my nose.

mark said...

Well the tickets were free!

1 x Ticket
Order total: Free

Monday, May 17, 2021 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)
Add to Google · Outlook · iCal · Yahoo

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott
777 Aten Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108
(View on map)

jengiscan said...

block booking of 20 tickets for Lee Harvey Oswald,in Dallas tonight.
Hope to not see lot's of you not being there tonight....

Anonymous said...

I had 50 tickets for Pittsburg. I thought it was tonight?? :0

Nigel Stapley said...

To re-purpose an old slogan:

"Suppose they gave a bore and nobody came?"

iMatt said...

Farage. Yet another brexiter running away from the Brexit mess he created. In this endeavour, the nasty little racist joins the likes of Ratcliffe, Dyson and Lawson (whose french residency was at least rejected).

Steve Woods said...

According to Twitter, Farage and his entourage have now cottoned on to what's happening, in addition to which the Torygraph have allowed him a few column inches for a whinge.

Mr Larrington said...

My imaginary friend and I missed our flight to Pittsburgh yesterday. Soz, Niggles.


Hugh Jampton

Mr Larrington said...

Additional: one source claims more than 2700 tickets were reserved for the Pittsburgh gig. And the number of attendees?


LOL and, moreover, roffle.

wildcat said...

I am ashamed to admit that I booked 2 tickets, but forgot to book a flight, or get a passport, or get time off work.

I will try to be more organised next time.....

J said...

First they came for Niggle Faradge...

...and everyone laughed because it was fecking hilarious.

Jonathan said...

He wrote a very angry piece on the Torygraph,r Thirsty seems to forget about freedom works both ways, we have the right not to attend one of his grifter sessions even if we have tickets!

Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to going after getting 2 tickets but I had to watch the Eurovision song contest instead. Nevermind nul points to Nigel.