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Tuesday 11 May 2021

US Pundit Royal Stupidity EXPOSED

Today is the State Opening Of Parliament, a ceremonial occasion where the Queen attends, summons the Lords and Commons, and reads out The Queen’s Speech, which has been drafted for her by the incumbent Government, and which sets out the legislation which it proposes to pass into law during the next session of Parliament.

Understanding this, and the ceremonial role of the monarch in the process, is not rocket science. Or rather, it is not rocket science for most people in the UK. For those out on the right in the USA, it is so difficult to understand that it provides an excellent opportunity to view the pool of stupidity which so many pundits inhabit nowadays.

So who would like to start us off with a particularly stupid observation? Breaking 911 (“Everything The Mainstream Media Won’t Report”) would. “BREAKING: The Queen of England will announce tomorrow that citizens will be required to show photo ID to vote in general elections in order to prevent fraud - The Guardian”. Stupid - and dishonest.

Would anyone care to go along with this “Queen of England” drivel? Chuck Callesto (“Former Candidate for Florida's 3rd Congressional District”) would love to. “BREAKING REPORT: Queen of England will announce Tuesday that citizens will be REQUIRED TO SHOW PHOTO ID to vote in general elections to tackle fraud”. Yep, he’s stupid too.

Any increase on that level of stupid? Kyle Becker, formerly with Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) is your man. “BREAKING: The Queen of England is *triggering* the left worldwide with major announcement”. There is no “Queen of England”. Idiot.

Paul Szypula, “US Senate candidate for NY in ’22” (best not bothering on the strength of this Tweet) asked “Why is the Queen of England going to announce on Tuesday that photo ID will be required to vote in general elections ‘to reduce the risk of electoral fraud’?

There is still no “Queen of England”. But The Post Millennial (“Among North America’s Most-Read News Publishers”) wasn’t listening. “The Queen of England is set to announce on Monday that citizens will be required to show IDs in order to vote in general elections”. Closer to the facts, but there is still no “Queen of England”. How about a new angle?

Something not slightly racist, perhaps? Lavern Spicer (“I’m running for Congress against Frederica Wilson”) is on that case. “The Queen of England is about to start requiring Voter ID (probably because she’s wondering how Sadiq Khan’s crazy ass got elected again) but America is still trying to call it racist. Is it racist now when the UK does it?” Whatever.

Or something not slightly racist that kicks Haz and Megs? Cari Kelemen has that base covered. “The Queen of England is now Pro Voter ID. She's doing what's right AND pissing off Meghan Markle. Well done!” Eh? And just to put the lid on it, along came Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. “Looking forward to widespread calls from the left to ‘cancel’ the Queen of England over the UK’s voter ID policy”. Not just stupid, but fuckwitted with it.

You can argue whether the last Queen of England was Elizabeth, who died in 1603, or Queen Anne, who pegged out in 1707. But there isn’t one now. And the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth Realms still doesn’t make policy. Wonder how the US right wing swallowed Donald Trump’s wacko lies? Wonder no more.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason to watch today's ruritanian soap opera was laughter at the crackpot comedy outfits.

By comparison, the Yank reaction was small beer. It's impossible to take seriously a made-up, genocidal, warmongering rogue state. After all, our own toady version is bad enough.

Mr Larrington said...

Don't wanna hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell
And if I catch it coming back my way
I'm gonna serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what I'll do

No, not me, Jack White

Plento Demento said...

A few years ago, the US Ambassador to the Court of St James' used to keep up to date on matters British by reading Daily Mail opinion pieces. The people you've quoted are observing the tradition of getting it wrong.