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Thursday 27 May 2021

GB News - Fans Not Happy

The date has now been set, media watchers have their diaries set and their appraisals waiting, and some of the public are ready to tune in: Gammon Broadcasting News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) will at last go on air during the evening of June 13, with a special programme imaginatively titled Welcome To GB News.

That originality extends to some of the programmes you will be able to see on the new channel, such as “Dewbs & Co” (not “Varney & Co” then), “Alastair Stewart & Friends” (not “Fox and Friends”, then), “Tonight Live with Dan Wootton” (not “Tucker Carlson Tonight” then), “Free Speech Nation” (not “Fox Nation”, then), “DePiero and Halligan” (not “Hannity and Colmes”, then) and “The Great British Breakfast” (not “The Big Breakfast”, then).

It was the last-named show that set the assembled Gammonati off: after Alastair Stewart had been characterised by the increasingly wayward Mail on Sunday by claims such as “I won't be walking on eggshells now I'm at anti-woke GB News”, the line-up for that new breakfast offering triggered many potential viewers - maybe putting them off viewing.

The problem with claims such as “anti-Woke” is a case of stating the bleeding obvious: “Woke” means simply “alert to injustices in society, especially racism”. So being “anti-woke” means not caring about societal injustice and condoning racism. No-one at GB News seems to have thought this one through. The thought occurs that, maybe, Brillo and his pals have just been sounding off without figuring out what such terms actually mean.

So it was that a breakfast show line-up with only one bloke among the six presenters, and two of the woman presenters not being white, caused alarm among those eagerly counting down to launch day. “Oh dear one Male and five Female. Not a good balance for a start!” moaned one onlooker. “Oh dear, Femfest! May as well watch Sky news” sighed another.

One Tweeter was rather more forthright: “I suppose white males will soon be eradicated anyway … good luck with the launch though and I hope it’s successful”. Court bigots, get bigots. And talking of that W-Word, out it came. “Woke lot already over taken GB news … Bit too woke for me … I used to like GBNews but then it went all woke”.

You say you’re going to be “anti-woke”, those who aren’t really racist, honestly, are going to take you at your word. Other not-really-racist responses included “Noooooo. I didn't think you would be ticking boxes”, and as to what kind of box that meant, it wasn’t long before it was spelled out: “Seems that the 'diversity' box has been ticked!

And those, whisper it quietly, are the potential viewers that GB News needs on board. Not only that, but signing up for extra content and stumping up a little hard cash for the privilege. Otherwise, the new channel will be burning through the cash so rapidly that it might just run out. And that’s a depressing prospect for what is looking increasingly like a vanity project for past-his-sell-by-date Brillo and his chosen acolytes.

Did anyone market test the GB News concept before the decision was taken to go ahead? Because if not, going ahead was A Very Brave Decision Indeed. Or maybe just foolhardy.

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Mr Larrington said...

I for one welcome the prospect of a penniless Brillo begging the BBC for his old gig back only to be told to FRO.

Jonathan said...

With the non bombshell revelation that Dom Cummings has been checking in with a certain BBC Political Editor about the government's messages , whoops sorry propaganda..

With the BBC pumping out rightwing news freely, can't see the some Gammon folk wanting or needing to part ways with their cash for RW, immigrant bashing, Euro trashing news..

Anonymous said...

Total hypocrisy. Isn’t the anti-woke stance that the news team comprises whomever suits the job best with absolutely no pandering to demands that there should be, for example, as many blacks as whites or as many females as males?

In showing indignance that GB News have employed who they see fit without reference to race or gender, the gammons are showing themselves up for the snowflakes they are.

DaleyGleephart said...

Does the audience decide on who gets kicked out?

Anonymous said...

What's all the fuss? Schweinfleisch is a neuter noun.

I was always going to give it a miss anyway, frauleins or no frauleins.

Anonymous said...

They'll be lucky to make it to Christmas but it should be 'great entertainment' while it lasts.
The 'patriots' will enjoy being spoonfed comforting lies and platitudes.

Andy McDonald said...

What do they want? A guy in double denim, holding a gun, with an adoring blonde hugging his leg Conan style, draped in a Confederate flag?

Ask a stupid question...

Anonymous said...

The only people who use woke in any seriousness are those who are the opposite of what it actually stands for and are so stupid they think it's an insult. I take it as a compliment if someone calls me woke.

Anonymous said...

Right wing TV "News" progs (that is, all of them) have pushed women upfront in recent years. Fuck all to do with gender equality, more a case of "softening" the propaganda read-outs.

This has produced unintentional comedy gold at the BBC via Anita "Uhh/Err/Split Ends" McVeigh, Jane "Huuu" Hill, Martine "Tears For Phil The Greek" Croxall, Joanna "Curled Top Lip Lisp" Gosling and Emma "Second Hand Clothes/ Greasy Hair" Barnett. To say nothing of shouty tories like Maitlis, Wark and Kuenssberg.

The men of course are just standard issue ten-a-penny lying tory gobshites.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 'Free Speech Nation' will have socialists on using their free-speech to denounce the evils of the current economic orde, hahaha. Who am I kidding? It's going to be a Gammon going 'Why can't I play my Chubby Brown tapes at the Mosque?' isn't it?

iMatt said...

"I used to like GBNews but then it went all woke". Perhaps someone ought to tell this twit the channel has not started broadcasting yet.

Nigel Stapley said...

And Johnson's former paid liar Guto Harri has just signed up with Gammonvision (or should that be 'Gannonvision'?)