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Saturday 29 May 2021

Piers Morgan’s Transferable Obsession

After the BBC came clean and admitted there was a significant element of deception in the methods used by Martin Bashir to get access to Diana, Princess of Wales in the run-up to the infamous Panorama interview in 1995, some in and around our free and fearless press came over all righteous as they saw an opportunity to pin the blame for her death on someone who was not one of Themselves Personally Now.

And what's more, Ron ...

This category of singularly unappealing individuals included former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, who scoffed “Tonight's Panorama was shocking - but mainly because it's taken the BBC 25 years to finally tell the truth about the Bashir/Diana scandal. They have blood on their hands because that interview propelled Diana on a path to her death. A shocking, criminal abuse of public money”. And he wasn’t finished.

Deafening silence on the Bashir/Diana scandal from [Hugh Grant], Steve Coogan & the rest of the celeb tabloid-bashing mob. I wonder what could possibly be preventing these regular BBC-paid stars from raging with their usual high moral journalism ethics outrage?” In fact, the Hacked Off campaign, which Grant and Coogan have supported consistently, has passed severely adverse comment on Bashir’s conduct (see HERE).

Moreover, when it comes to less than totally ethical behaviour in dealing with Diana, Morgan is standing in a seriously draughty glasshouse, as Byline Investigates hinted as it Tweeted out “‘Obsessed’ Piers Morgan illegally targeted Princess Diana and her friend James Hewitt, claim High Court Papers”. Obsession? Piers Morgan? Tell us more.

Whilst Morgan was in charge of the Mirror, High Court documents claim that his reporters tracked her movements. A team of Private Investigators were allegedly tasked to follow her friends and family … In a sworn witness statement, her former lover James Hewitt claims he was included on a hit list of Diana’s close associates”. The claims keep on coming.

In his court action against Mirror Group Newspapers, the former British army cavalry officer claims Morgan, ‘developed a particular obsession and vindictiveness towards him’ and ‘did so because of his relationship with the late Princess of Wales’. He was ruthlessly stalked by photographers and reporters, and alleges that his phone calls, bills, itemised call list and communications [were] intercepted”. And there is one more tasty allegation.

The documents reveal that Morgan was himself questioned by cops after Hewitt’s car was broken into. Personal papers and diary appointments were stolen. The manuscript for his unpublished biography mysteriously disappeared”. Small wonder “obsession” is claimed.

Worse, there is a clear and obvious parallel with Morgan’s attitude to the Duchess of Sussex: he wants to be her confidant, but is increasingly sad and embittered that she isn’t interested. It is not difficult to conclude that Obsession is not merely an attribute that can be applied to Morgan’s pursuit of Diana. Which should tell anyone not yet up to speed why Prince Harry has been so concerned at the thought that history might repeat itself.

Piers Morgan appears to have been obsessed with Diana. He appears to be yet more deeply obsessed with Meghan. Maybe he should seek help before his condition worsens.

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Anonymous said...

Morgan will NOT "...seek help before his condition worsens."

He is beyond help. He long ago crossed the line into a kind of revengeful sadistic paranoia. His type of morally corrupt state now dominates tabloid press and broadcast media. A symptom of a nation in vertical ethical decline.

The fate of him and his twisted and bitter ilk is an old age of self-deluded cynical despair.

No, there is no helping the Morgans of this planet. There is no antidote for their poison.

Mr Larrington said...

A minor quibble, if I may?

The main target of colossal bellend Piers “Morgan” Moron's obsession is, as ever, Piers “Morgan” Moron. Did I mention that he is a colossal bellend?

Unknown said...

I used to say Piers was creepy but he's beyond that. Thankfully Meghan and Harry are in another country

Anonymous said...

Meghan ignores Piers. People need to stop acting like he's a literally in her front room every day shouting at her.