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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Priti Patel’s Daniel Morgan Report Shame

Stalling for time in order to cover your, or maybe someone else’s, tracks. Kim Philby was an infamous practitioner of the art. And adding herself to that list of infamy, it seems, is Priti Patel, inexplicably elevated to lead the Home Office, after she plumbed the depths of lame excuses in delaying publication of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel’s report.

Daniel Morgan - still denied justice

Few will need any introduction to the UK’s most notorious unsolved murder: Daniel Morgan, a private investigator, was killed by two blows from an axe in a south London pub car park, in March 1987. He was, it seems, about to expose serious Police corruption. Successive attempts to solve the crime have faced Police obstruction, and interference from the Murdoch press, in the shape of those representing the now-defunct Screws.

But to her credit, then Home Secretary Theresa May set up the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel to investigate the crime and present its findings. Chaired by Baroness Nuala O’Loan, the Panel has itself faced delay and obstruction, but was finally ready to present its report this month. Publication should have happened last Monday.

And it was at that point that the Home Office began stalling. They needed more time. The initial excuse was the extended period of national mourning following the death of Prince Philip, which was suspiciously weak. Now, though, has come a brace of excuses so piss-poor that they put “I could be arguing in my spare time” in the shade.

So why hasn’t the report been published? The BBC has reported thatA Home Office spokesperson said the home secretary has a duty to ensure the report complied with ‘human rights and national security considerations’”. That’s a straight-A Fuck Right Off. The Panel has a QC on hand to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Smirktastic, smile pickers!

As for “national security considerations”, that’s just someone making it up in a panic. Moreover, the spokesperson added “This has nothing to do with the independence of the report and the Home Office is not seeking to make edits to it”. So it appears to be nothing more than stalling. Who might benefit from such a delay?

There are three potential beneficiaries: Ms Patel and the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police, and the Murdoch mafiosi. The cops have apparently already had their copy of the report. But the Murdoch press has no such entitlement. And Priti Patel has significant previous when it comes to her closeness to Don Rupioni and his clan.

When Rupe married Jerry Hall just over five years ago, there were no invites for Young Dave, or even alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. The only prominent Tory MPs present were loyal taker of the Murdoch shilling Michael “Oiky” Gove, and Priti Patel. As I noted at the time, “By being there, they have told the world that they are truly loyal. But not necessarily to the Tory Party”. That is the key giveaway.

Ms Patel owes her position on the upper reaches of the political greasy pole not merely to Bozo, but also to the more rabidly right-leaning part of the press. And there is no more rabid right-wingery than that emanating from the Murdoch empire. Right now, my Occam’s Razor is pointing firmly in the direction of the Baby Shard Bunker. When the Daniel Morgan Panel’s report finally sees the light of day, expect the Murdoch press to have their rebuttals ready. Not that they will have seen it, you understand. Perish the thought!

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Mr Larrington said...

I expect they'll blame it all on former Screws editor Wendy “Badger” Henry, whose post-NI career has included being fired from the Sunday People and a spell as Press Officer for Battersea Dogs Home.

Andy McDonald said...

"Moreover, the spokesperson added “This has nothing to do with the independence of the report and the Home Office is not seeking to make edits to it”."

Interesting that they feel the need to deny an unmade accusation. Or two. The Romans had a saying for it - Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta (Unrequested excuse, accusation made).

Anonymous said...


If patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel, "national security" is the last resort of the lying, murderous, cowardly gobshite.

What "threat" to "national security" could Daniel Morgan possibly pose? Except maybe to a cabal of rotten-to-the-core far right politicians, civil servants, their media lickspittles, and bent coppers - in other words, a typical cross sections of the ruling British establishment.

J said...

I love how her actions have drawn even more attention to this report... it hadn't really got much traction (bar its inclusion on that cop program that everyone watched apart from, it seems, myself) but now its gained the attention of the BBC and other news channels due to her trying to clip its wings.

Had she done nothing, it probably would have still sailed under the BBC/ITV radar... but now its gained a much larger audience. Then again, we all remember tracking the flight of the Israeli funded minister as she made her way home in shame. Oh how we laughed, then some gormless fat alt-reich Russian operative twat (Alexander Boris de-Bluewaffle(1) Johnson) saw fit to put her in charge of the actual fucking police.

I look forward to comparing the redacted report against the original (which you just know someone is going to get out).

I wonder if we should look for Murdercock stooges suddenly deciding that the US would be a good place to retire to? Or if its just going to be a case of Murdercock getting his minions to write the rebuttal to order - in advance.

(1) Do not google bluewaffle. You have been warned!