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Thursday 13 February 2020

Brexiteer Bull Still Full Of It

Free from his all too brief career as an MEP, David Bull, who you can tell as he’s a doctor, finds himself at something of a loose end. No longer can he while away the days whinging about how the rotten European Parliament is somewhere in another country, and that it takes him A Very Long Time to get there from Ipswich (Alistair Carmichael was unavailable for comment). And no longer whinging about the EP while he’s there.
David Bull

Because now he isn’t, along with the rest of the Brexit Party contingent who waved their flags, took their expenses, and did precious little else. But he’s still cheering for Brexit, even if he still isn’t too sound on the reality of it. Hence his claim “BOOM! EU Seeking ‘Unique’ FTA with UK”. His mistake was to take the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog on trust. That was not a good move.
So when The Great Guido told “EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has confirmed the UK will get a bespoke trade deal with the EU”, the important part was omitted. As the Guardian has reported, Ms von der Leyen “has mocked Boris Johnson’s claims to be willing to accept an Australian-style trade deal with the EU by reminding MEPs that no such agreement exists”. Rule Six: there is NO Australian-style trade deal.
Which meant a little deflection was in order. “This year cannot go fast enough. The transition period needs to end. Either we leave with a deal or on WTO terms. Up to the increasingly insane EU. At least it’s over. This vile online hatred will stop. People, there is no rejoining. There are no more referendums. We are out”. The vile online hatred, as he calls it, is coming from his side. And if he favours no deal, he should say so, and now.
But remember, “For the record, let me make one thing clear. I didn’t get involved with the Brexit Party until well AFTER the referendum which delivered the result for the UK to leave the EU. I was livid the liberal elite did everything to thwart the result. I stood to ensure democracy was upheld”. By living near Ipswich and representing North West England.
So back to the deflection, and a real wacko slice of idiocy it was: “My sources in Brussels are telling me that EU is in chaos after the UK’s departure. The anger & fear is palpable. They are now questioning whether English should be the common language! The question  being asked ‘Is English necessary’. Apparently this is to punish us!” Yeah, right.
This display of ignorance was so popular, Martin Daubney was there to back him up. “This is true: the EU planned to adopt English as the common Parliamentary language but couldn’t when UK was a member as it would have been ‘discriminatory’ towards us. Now we’ve left they are resisting adopting English due to anger over Brexit”. Bullshit.
English has become the de facto main language of the EU. Look at airports, railway stations, and city centres around member states and you will see signage translated, maybe into a second national language (as in Spain), but also, always, into English. Bull and his fellow Brexit Party pals had ventured to other EU member states and managed to miss this. Now they’re blathering on around something else they know nothing about.

This level of ignorance would not be a problem, were it propping up the local saloon bar. But it’s being paid out of your taxes. Paid not to know what they’re talking about.
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Anonymous said...

There's that fruitloop phrase again......"the liberal elite".

It's time someone listed this "elite".......

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. The official languages of the EU are governed by Regulation No 1, which can only be amended by a unanimous vote of the Council of the EU so there is no danger of English being eliminated. As for the European Parliament it is committed to being a multilingual institution as anything else would not make sense in the democratic system which is the EU. How would this Charlie have liked it if the EU had decided that German should be the "parliamentary" language? On the other hand, English has become the lingua franca of the institutions because it is the only language which most people speak. If compromise amendments have to be produced in hurry for discussion, English is generally used. But the general rule is that the European Parliament will not have official cognisance of a document unless it is available in all the languages of the EU. However, many documents these days and many pages on the Commission's website exist only in English, which is regretted by many. It is time for these no-nothing ex-MEPs to stop talking about things of which they have no knowledge.

Anonymous said...

He's not a Doctor. His licence to practise medicine expired in May 2019.

Anonymous said...

English is of course still an official language of some member states (Republic of Ireland and Malta come to mind) but I'm sure he knew that.