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Thursday 20 February 2020

Caroline Flack’s Last Insta Post NAILS Press

Our free and fearless press might have thought that, in the sad case of former Love Island host Caroline Flack, its hacks and hangers-on had got away with it. They had blamed social media, the CPS, and anyone who even looked as if they might lift a finger against them. They had played the victim, with the deeply unpleasant Dan Wootton in BAFTA shortlist form. But although she is no longer with us, Ms Flack has nailed them all.
Caroline Flack

As the BBC has reported, “Caroline Flack's family have released an unpublished Instagram post that they say she wrote shortly before she died. It came ahead of the inquest into the death of the former Love Island host, which opened on Wednesday … Her mother said Flack had been advised not to publish the message”. But who advised that?

Ah well. Here a former Sun editor enters: Dominic Mohan had apparently been engaged as an advisor to Ms Flack after she was charged with common assault following an alleged domestic dispute. As Byline Investigates has now revealed, Mohan “was ‘recruited’ to ‘help’ the troubled television presenter in the run up to her trial for alleged assault”. Also, her former partner has hit out at “PR wankers who … did fuck all”. Who might he have meant?

Now, one hates to take two and two and get fifteen, but let us consider some of the unequivocal assertions in Ms Flack’s last Insta post. Starting with “On December the 12th 2019 I was arrested for common assault … Within 24 hours my whole world and future was swept from under my feet and all the walls that I had taken so long to build around me collapsed. I am suddenly on a different kind of stage and everyone is watching it happen”.

How does everyone get to watch it happen? Because papers like the Sun are not only “reporting” it, they are splashing it all over their front pages, and then their pundits, and those at other papers, are lining up to pass judgment. And there is more.
Dominic Mohan at the Leveson Inquiry

The blood that someone SOLD to a newspaper was MY blood and that was something very sad and very personal”. Which paper had the photo allegedly from inside her flat? Along with the front page “Flack’s bedroom bloodbath”? That would be the Sun.

Ms Flack also poignantly tells “The reason I am talking today is because my family can't take anymore. I've lost my job. My home. My ability to speak. And the truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment”. Used as entertainment. By whom? In the first instance, as ever, by the press. With titles like the Sun in the vanguard.

It has absolutely stuff all to do with “Vile Trolls”, the CPS or anyone else. Those three statements from Ms Flack’s last Insta post point the finger fair and square at the press. They are the ones with the biggest megaphone; the ones  from whom all those social media users take their cue. They stand accused in her own very clear words.

Yet for some reason, that post did not get published. At, it seems, the same time as a former Sun editor was advising her on how to manage the crisis around her arrest and prospective trial. Was Dominic Mohan the advisor who prevented the Insta post seeing the light of day? He needs to clarify his role, and do so honestly and unequivocally.

The press thought they were in the clear. They are not. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

It's a measure of how low this country has fallen that some people still endorse the Murdoch/Rothermere filth by paying for it.

No wonder one author labelled Britain "A litter strewn right wing authoritarian racist rat hole".

grim northerner said...

Britain is turning into 'the happiness patrol' episode of dr who under the tories- a sort of captialist version of north Korea.

Anonymous said...

@grimnortherner, "I'm glad you're happy..."