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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Bozo Avoids Flood Visits - Here’s Why

Many parts of Britain have been dealing with the effects of flooding, which not only shows little sign of abating in some areas, but may return, as the BBC has warned: “Flooded communities in England and Wales are expecting more heavy rain, adding to fears flood defences might not withstand rising river levels … The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings for rain for Wales and Yorkshire, which begin on Wednesday”.
He's not making flood visits ...

Added to this has been the apparent reluctance of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to pull on his wellies and visit the stricken areas. The Guardian has reported thatthe government faced criticism for its response to what has been described as unprecedented flooding … Labour said it was ‘a disgrace’ that the prime minister was not visiting affected towns and villages”. There was more.
As Johnson was accused by the acting Liberal Democrat leader, Ed Davey, of ‘pretending that the floods were not happening’, Downing Street said that he had no plans to visit any of the areas affected by flooding from Storm Dennis, and would instead spend the day working from a country house in Kent. A No 10 spokesman said he was being kept updated from Chevening, a government-owned historic property near Sevenoaks”.
... and neither is he ...

But maybe there is a good reason for Bozo The Clown to steer clear of those flooded areas, especially in Yorkshire where the River Ouse has flooded even more of central York than is usual in the aftermath of heavy rainfall. That reason has to do with his involvement with the Vote Leave campaign. And Vote Leave’s tendency to social media dishonesty.
... and he certainly isn't

As one self-described “Northern exile” put it after listening to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning, “Please also ask David Davis when the £350 million a week for flood defences in Yorkshire starts arriving”. Wait, what? Yes, one of the targeted Vote Leave whoppers suggested leaving the EU meant more flood defence money.
As part of the Facebook targeting - the same operation that pitched the totally untrue claims that Turkey was about to join the EU, and that this would mean the UK’s border would then be with Syria and Iraq - voters in Yorkshire were sent images of floods in York with the caption “£350 million a week to the EU … OR … Flood defences for Yorkshire”.
And just to be sure, another similarly captioned image showed an Army Chinook helicopter  hovering above a flooded landscape. These images were accompanied by another photo, this time showing a small white van stranded in floods, with the caption “Last year, Storms Desmond and Eva devastated our community … do we need better flood defences?
Of course, those behind the Vote Leave campaign had as much interest in such inconvenient detail as how to improve flood defences as they had in pretending that the mythical £350 million a week would be spent on the NHS. How much interest would that be? Put it this way, many of those involved go private. You get the picture.
How much more of that fraudulent Vote Leave propaganda is out there, waiting to come back and bite those who so shamelessly peddled it? And does Bozo even know?

In the meantime, more Tory voters realise they’ve been had. Repent at leisure, eh?
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Anonymous said...

Whoa there, Tim!....That £350 millions per week is earmarked for the NHS.

Or something.

Andrew_S_Hatton said...

The Just Giving Link on the Blogger page took me to a closed campaign here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zelostreet

rather than the live one here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zelostreet5

Roger Red Hat. said...

Do more tory voters realise they've been had? I doubt it. They'll still be blaming Corbyn.

Jonathan said...

Apparently it's all Jezza's fault so I have heard, too much standing up for the poor, dispossessed and the marginalised..