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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Spiked To Recruit Katie Hopkins?

Once again, freedom of speech is the subject taxing those at Spiked magazine, so called because it should have been long ago. More specifically, chief contrarian Brendan O’Neill is concerned about the freedom to speak of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, which has not been abridged or otherwise curtailed in any way at all. But Bren knows more than everyone else put together on such matters, so he also knows different.
So it was that the Spiked Twitter feed declaredKatie Hopkins has many vile views. But we still shouldn’t cheer Twitter’s suspension of her account. Do we really want unaccountable capitalists in Silicon Valley dictating what people can say online? That is corporate tyranny, says Brendan O’Neill”. Yeah, right. Bren could start with getting his facts right: Hatey Katie’s account has not been suspended - not yet. That’s why it’s still there.
Viewers may still want to look away now

But do go on. “Silicon Valley must not be the judge, jury and executioner of public discussion”. It isn’t. So that’s that. Oh, hang on a minute, Phil Space is here. “Hopkins should not be banned. She should not be thrown off social media. Censorship is not the right solution to any problem, including prejudicial or hateful commentary. Last week, Hopkins, to the delight of the illiberal liberals who make up the commentariat and cultural elite in the UK, had her Twitter account suspended”. See above.
Moreover, “social media” encompasses scores of platforms, not just Twitter, which has its own terms and conditions and makes its own rules as to who it lets on. But do go on. “One of the greatest problems in the woke era is the branding of all kinds of opinion - on immigration, on race, on Brexit, on Meghan Markle - as racist, whether witting or unwitting”. What the flying fuck is the “Woke Era”? Racism is racism. No asterisk needed.
We can see exactly what kind of opinions feel empowered by O’Neill’s tedious whataboutery, though. Like “Katie Hopkins is not vile. She is defending Great Britain against the Globalists and their minions” (that’s not anti-Semitic at all, of course). And “What are these vile things she believes? That it's a bad thing to let a wreck of a religion take over our country and cause utter chaos, as is happening”. No Islamophobia there.
Fortunately, there are some out there who understand that Ms Hopkins has not had her freedom of speech curtailed, and that O’Neill is just churning out formulaic drivel in order to score a few clicks. As one Tweeter put it, “She’s entitled to still give her views, it’s just twitter don't want it on their platform. They’re [within their rights] to allow who they want. Just like if someone was being rowdy in a pub the landlord could kick them out”. Quite.

And if Bren doesn’t like that, the solution is in his own hands: “It would be interesting to see what Brendan's response would be if KH demanded to have her venomous bile published in Spiked. Because to refuse would surely be corporate tyranny, right?” Dead right it would. Spiked is all about freedom of speech - so here’s their chance.
Brendan O’Neill and his pals want to see Katie Hopkins given a platform to spout her racist bile, he knows what to do. He’s all about freedom, so give her the freedom to publish on Spiked. Score one for true libertarianism. Put money in same location as mouth.

He won’t, of course, because he’s just full of crap. But you knew that already.
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Arnold said...

"Twitter ban sees Katie Hopkins forced to go door-to-door spreading hate"

Anonymous said...

He could invite the racist twat into his home and have her vomit her bile all over the furniture too.

You know, in the interest of free speech.

James said...

Katie Hopkins previously called for a 'final solution' regarding muslims. Lets consider that some yobbo went out and did something vile in her name and when the police ransack their house after the event would it look good for Twitter to be seen as complicit in the incident ?

People like myself, have been reporting Katie for months for her racist comments and misinformation about our nation, coming out with bullshit that there are no go areas, encouraging hate, fear and suspicion and division. If some fuckwit were to act, citing her as a influence, both Katie and equally Twitter could be taken to court.

Like you have stated I think that Brendan has to put his money where his mouth is.

Freedom is one thing, but it is nothing with out virtue and happiness: Katie wants to see muslims and BAME folk not only living in fear but with their blood spilt. She wants violence; she wants people to die. If twats like Katie should be respected it is solely as a threat to human life and the stability of 21st Century Britain. She has nothing else to offer our nation, people like her can fuck off and continue to fuck off.

Unknown said...

Calm down people stop getting yourselves so easily triggered and upset seriously grow a thicker skin the way you over react over what katie Hopkins has said is rediculous trust me there are far far worse things being said and done in our world that wouldake katies comments sound angelic! We are now brainwashing each other to react with shock as if something so terribly life threatening is about to happen what happened to the days when we use to rise above it and not let it faze us one bit now we see people look like they have had an electric shock if they hear offensive words being said it's more their reactions to unkind comments that has me bemused and makes laughable...Get over it and move along god help you lot if we had a reieat of ww11 although saying that it may put a few things in persoective for you one being don't allow yourself to get so easily triggered and go into a shock horror meltdown over some nasty words

Unknown said...

Freedom to say what we want trumps our subjective opinions on others vies. Im my opinion!

Arnold said...

"We are now brainwashing each other to react with shock as if something so terribly life threatening is about to happen what happened to the days when we use to rise above"
Remember Jo Cox?

nparker said...

Unknown, that was one of the most inane comments I've ever seen on the internet. We are all now dumber for having listened to it.

grim northerner said...


Unknown said...

A truly ridiculous and lazy article. Well done.

Anonymous said...

This will be the nail for Spiked.
No compmaing contact option on its piss poor excuse for a website?